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Ron Meadows
03-11-2003, 8:12 PM
Dr. Jennings,

Whats up with trashing the oak and then going over there and posting with the nickname "Zack the Wack"? Seems kinda hypocritical too me.

Just curious


Dr. Zack Jennings
03-11-2003, 8:50 PM
I have been reading the Oak for over a year. I never "Trashed the Oak". I was posting on the "Creek" in my usual humerous style and refered to the other forums (Wood Central & The Oak Factory Forum) as those other places and specifically said "The Oak or whatever they call it". Harldy a viscous attack. One member of "the Oak" called me a wack. (That's just one member. One of many.) Therefore I had several choices: I choose to adopt the name to show my resolve.

I look at it as "Turning the Other Cheek". Can you read something sinister into it? I enjoy all the forums and have not participated in any attacks and avoided the discussion on 'forum bashing" entirely.

I think my posts here and on "The Oak" have been substantive and added to the discussion. In my Harley Club I ride with: Thirsty, T Bone, Lithium Jim, Booger & Geezer. I was given the Name "Zack the Wack". Surely, they don't want me to give it back. I'm just having some fun with it. I'm not trying to Tick you off or anyone else.

Southern humor may be an acquired taste. Please show me one statement I have made that is clearly malicious.

The Original Post Said:

"I am guilty, I admit it, of surfing the other Woodworking Forums. I never enjoy it and I never inhale. I've even seen other members from this forum sneakin' over to Ellis Island and that Oak place, whatever it's name is but I ain't no snitch. You know who you are."

<center>The Entire Post is Here. (http://www.sawmillcreek.org/showthread.php?s=&threadid=744)

My point was the encourage members to point out interesting happenings at the other forums on this forum. I was endorsing all forums not attacking them.

Jim Young
03-11-2003, 8:57 PM
Zack the wack

I find your humor entertaining and not offensive, may be my southern up bringing. Don't understand how people can get so riled up about simple things.

Oh, and I'd stay away from Booger.

Phil Phelps
03-11-2003, 9:21 PM
...and I thought you were defending the Mill. But, at the same time, you didn't trash the Oak. I thought they, (one) were a little malicious over there, but you answered with dignity and humor. Even rolled well with the punches. :cool:

Dave Avery
03-11-2003, 9:25 PM
Hey Zack,

I'm one a tem daggum Yankees and I like yer humor. Keep up the wackiness. Dave.

Bruce Page
03-11-2003, 9:27 PM
"I am guilty, I admit it, of surfing the other Woodworking Forums. I never enjoy it and I never inhale. I've even seen other members from this forum sneakin' over to Ellis Island and that Oak place, whatever it's name is but I ain't no snitch. You know who you are."

Zack, I followed that thread and thought that your handling of the “Zack the Wack” post was very well done. People should learn to chill out.

Bob Oswin
03-11-2003, 9:30 PM
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Dr. Zack Jennings
[B]I have been reading the Oak for over a year. I never "Trashed the Oak". I was posting on the "Creek" in my usual humerous anyone else.

Whoooa! guys!

Some of us are way too serious.

The wrangling has to stop. I'll cut you all the slack you need to express youself Zack.

It's hard to have your tongue in your cheek if everybody's out for a hangin.

Let's try to run the decorum of this forum on "honor" alone.

Course, if you sas me twice I'm going to give you a wuppin!

Bob :D :D :D

Ron Meadows
03-11-2003, 10:09 PM
Trashed/trashing was probably way over the top. I just remembered seeing "the oak or whoever they are". At that point I stopped reading your posts. Wrote you off as another one of "those" people. I'm sorry. Sounds like I should have continued and gotten the full story. I never saw the Zack the Wack thread on the Oak so I can't comment on that.

I happen to really enjoy the Oak and get tired of all the snide comments placed on other WW forums. There is a gentlemen there named C. John Hebert that I've learned more about wood working from than all other sources combined. He posts tutorials on complex operations and always answers with real world experience to back him up. Check out his site at www.cjohnhebert.com very informative.

Another thing that I personally enjoy is that its one of the few WW forums that isn't so burdened down with rules and decorum that real answers and heated discussions are permitted. If you buy a tool and it sucks your allowed to say that it sucks. Shouldn't you be allowed to warn people to stay away from x or y machine if it isn't any good? Sure to a casual reader things may seem harsh over there. Most of the time it is just a few people and on many occassions they are only eggin' each other on. No real malice intended.

In fact there was a thread there last week made by someone without an email address slamming Sawmill Creek....this guy was really lit up, with a few exceptions, and told to go away and find something constructive to do with his time.

I read the pond, but didn't post on it much. Too many rules for my liking. Nothing like logging on and seeing a NEW ADMINISTRATIVE message posted in red. It was his and all that stuff, but it was a little stiff for me.

Again, sorry for my rush to judgement.


Tom Sweeney
03-11-2003, 10:28 PM

Actually I'm just jealous of all the cool stuff your into.

I'm even starting to like Harleys instead of rice burners now that I'm getting too old to go so fast ;-) Course might just be that little conversation I had a few years back between me on my Yamaha FJ600 & a gaurdrail - I lost :(

Dan Bussiere
03-12-2003, 10:05 AM
After being born in Connecticut, raised in Georgia and now, after 23 years in the military, living in New Jersey, I guess I have to claim to be from the State of Confusion! What's my point? Well having been all around this great land, I recognize that somebody will always take exception to anyone's humor. So What? Their loss! Be who you are and be careful, they don't like Boogers in New Jersey, just tailgaters. Now I'm probably in trouble with somebody.

Bart Goldberg
03-12-2003, 10:19 AM
Zack, I'm a born in Bklyn Yankee and I like your sense of humor. I also have to say that I don't believe you when you say you don't inhale - Seems to me that you inhale very deep from where I sit.

The younger, better looking Bart

Ron McNeil
03-12-2003, 10:37 AM
Dr. Zack, I find your Wacky humerous Style very funny and enjoy your posts. We all can use some humor in our lives. I think you and Ken Salisbury are very funny and I hope the posts keep coming. This is a great forum and I apppreicate all of the very talented wood workers who take the time to respond to the many questions that are asked.:p

Kirk (KC) Constable
03-15-2003, 8:24 AM
Ron...I suspect your commets about 'rules' was directed at Badger Pond...and that's fine, because a lot of people had issues with that. But to be fair, there was never any rule about saying you weren't happy with a product. The 'problem' was the people who would start a thread where the obvious intention was to absolutely TRASH a company. I posted negative comments about products many times...just tried to do it in a civilized manner.


Martin Shupe
03-16-2003, 1:31 AM
Hey Zack, this thread reminded me of a sea story...

There are worse callsigns than "Zack the Wack"...

A good friend of mine, who will remain nameless since he was a lurker on the Pond and may show up here, had an unfortunate experience in the Navy.

He was another S-3 guy, and had a long mission that day. Too long for him. Now, I'll admit, I always took a leak before I trapped back on the boat. There is nothing worse than trying to land on the boat while you have to pee. It is hard enough as it is, but you really don't want to be worrying about wetting your britches as you snag the 3-wire while you are trying to fly the ball and keep from killing yourself on the back of the round down. Since there is no head on an S-3, they give you a "piddle pack". A piddle pack is a plastic bag with a compressed sponge inside. The trick is to learn to pee inside the piddle pack instead of all over yourself. You see, you can't unstrap, and you have to pee while sitting up and strapped to your ejection seat while wearing a flight suit, parachute harness, and survival vest. Needless to say, I eventually mastered the technique required, but I digress...

My good friend didn't have to pee, his problem was much worse...

...and, he just couldn't wait.

So, he gets the crew to safe their seats, unstraps, and crawls back into the avionics tunnel to take care of business. But where to go? His only option is his helmet bag, so he uses it, and when he gets back aboard the boat, he tosses it over the side.

So, what, you ask, was his callsign?

Any guesses?

For a long time after the "incident", my friend was know as "STEAMER". Try explaining that to everyone that asks for the next several years!

Keith, if I have offended anyone, or broken any rules, feel free to remove the post, and I apologize in advance.

William Parks
03-16-2003, 8:37 PM
Poor Doc! This is the second time in about a week that someone has snapped at you about what you've said. I for one like your humor and think people ought to chill out and give the good Doc a break.