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Dewey Torres
08-20-2008, 9:37 PM
This week I run the Hood to Coast!


Mount Hood Oregon at the top of Timberline Ski resort to Seaside Pacific Coast for 195 miles of hard core running. I know to some who follow my posts it may seem that I don't have time for this, but I did say "hard core". The landscape project and the morris chair continue but I have also managed to master the 8 minute mile in my so called "spare time". I will take some pics and post to this thread but as for now I am flying out tomorrow to Salem and one night of rest before the big race.

Wish me luck Creek!

Dennis Peacock
08-20-2008, 9:43 PM
You go Dewey!!!! Best of runs for ya bud.

Ken Fitzgerald
08-20-2008, 9:51 PM

25 years ago I used to run 10K and 12K roadraces with a buddy of mine. I can't even begin to imagine the courage and training it takes for this! You go Guy!

Jim Becker
08-20-2008, 10:09 PM
Best wishes, Dewey!

Walt Caza
08-20-2008, 10:19 PM
Wow Dewey!
Holy cow...I feel tired just thinking about that run...
I wish you stamina and a good experience.
That's just amazing,
Best of luck to you,

James G. Jones
08-21-2008, 12:12 AM
Right on! I'm jealous. Have a great run. Go Navy!

Steve Schlumpf
08-21-2008, 12:19 AM
Dewey - Best of luck to you! Have fun!

Tyler Howell
08-21-2008, 12:20 AM
Go get em Dew!!!

Robert McGowen
08-21-2008, 1:24 AM
At least it sounds like it is down hill! Good luck!

Bill Wyko
08-21-2008, 1:49 AM
Dewey, if I ran to the mailbox my knees would scream. Too many crashes on ATVs and other types of torture. So do me a favor, run one of those miles for me. Have a great time my friend.;):D

Glenn Clabo
08-21-2008, 7:27 AM
Go Senior...GO!

Rob Russell
08-21-2008, 9:52 AM
Looks like a great event. How long are the leg(s) you're running?

Belinda Williamson
08-21-2008, 10:19 AM
Good Luck Dewey! I applaud the choice of charities. That's a lot of money you guys are raising for the ACS. Gee, and I thought our 18 hour Relay for Life was tough.:o Stay hydrated! I look forward to pics and details following the event.

Pat Germain
08-21-2008, 1:12 PM
Does this mean you'll soon be on a box of Wheaties? If not, you should be! (Michael Phelps already has the Frosted Flakes box.)

Run hard and run proud, my friend. :cool:

Lee Schierer
08-21-2008, 2:03 PM
Since this is a relay how far do you actually run?

If you want a really challenging race, try the "Run to the Sun" up Mount Haleakala in Hawaii. It starts at sea level and goes to 10,000 feet in 36.2 miles. Run to the Sun (http://www.mauimarathon.com/)

Good luck on your run. Get your PT test in for the year!

John Schreiber
08-21-2008, 2:38 PM
It's a relay. :mad:

Man, I thought you were tough, running 195 miles. But I see you share the running with your team and get to go most of the distance in a van.

That's still a lot tougher than me right now.:D

Dewey Torres
08-28-2008, 12:31 AM
I made it. Went for my first run since the race today (yes I am still a bit stiff). During the race I ran:

leg 3 (3.93 miles @6:52/mile) <- too fast for Dewey
leg 15 (7.25 miles @8:00/ mile) <- now that's more like it
leg 27 (5.98 miles @8:50/mile) <- paying for running to fast on leg 3!

overall pace 8:03/mile

Our team finished 43rd of 284 in our age group (mixed open) and 231 out of 988 overall.

Still waiting on some pics of me running as they were taken from other team-mates cameras but I will post when I get one.

Sadly there was a runner hit by a car between day one and two but she lived thank god.


Team name "What Willis was talkin bout" <- you folks who are about my age will get this team name easy.

Thanks for the support.

Walt Caza
08-28-2008, 3:19 AM
Good Show, Mr. Drummond!
...and thanks for the 'sportcenter' stats.
Always fun to crunch the numbers.

Now go cut some of that pretty oak!
be well,

John Schreiber
08-28-2008, 5:46 AM
Congratulations on the run. Looks like you are in pretty good shape.

Glenn Clabo
08-28-2008, 6:48 AM
A 6:52/mile? What were you thinking?

Dennis Peacock
08-28-2008, 10:27 AM
6:52 per mile for over 3 miles!!!!! WOW!!!!!!

Back in my military days I was able to run a 6:28 mile......but only ONE Mile.

You have my utmost congrats.