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james mcgrew
08-09-2008, 4:15 AM
i purchased a used camaster (2000) in 07 and have ordered a new one to be delivered after the show in atlanta, the older machine had anaheims 1/2 stepper and while i could achieve great 2d work and cabinet panel processing i just could not wait to upgrade this machine as 3d was horrible, soooo i built a new controller box using keling power supply and 6050 drivers. james booth of vector art prepared a large grape panel for me to display at iwf and after two weeks of retrofiting the machine i am carving. the file is run on vcarvepro's cut 3d (which is a stand alone program) and i am happy with the results ( i had one of the guys in the shop stay last night and finish the file so i will have photo's of complete panel today!!

my older machine

boss rockers machine just down the street


the boss's rocker is in the photo

jim mcgrew
www.mcgrewwoodwork.com (http://www.mcgrewwoodwork.com)

Eric Mims
08-09-2008, 8:52 AM
Jim, I can't remember what model of machine you are getting..

james mcgrew
08-09-2008, 10:47 AM
eric, bill has built me a 5x10 and has completed the y axis and bearings underneath, we have stopped there i am real interested in the machine you are getting and have been watching it get built!! i may or may not go atc tool changer on this one vs the gantry type you will have. we also have some ideas on the 4rth axis!! i will be in atlanta the entire week of the iwf and will decide all of the final build at that time. more video today, i called the guy's at the shop and the large grape 3d is finished. i have to run one more for a right and matched pair!! look forward to meeting with you in atlanta! may even purchase one of bill's new lasers while i am there


this is my table a couple of months ago before paint with camaster color