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Anthony Penchetta
07-31-2008, 11:12 PM
Here is my business sign. Sign was created by Howard at Bertram signs http://www.carefreecavecreek.org/directory/Bertram-Signs-Graphics.html

He hand carved the hand and pen, did some nice airbrushing, the rest of it was sandblasted. I wanted something that says "we sell fountain pens" so far so good. It's doing the job bringing them off the street.

I ventured over to this forum from starting at the woodturning, ( I turn mostly pens and shaving brushes) then the laser engraving, as I am waiting for my Epilog laser to arive, and took a peek over here :)

Keith Outten
08-01-2008, 6:18 AM

Amazing craftsmanship. Yours is one of the most beautiful signs I have seen.
Is it made from sign foam? How about some construction details.


Joe Pelonio
08-01-2008, 8:15 AM
I agree with Keith, a fantastic sign, and I'd like to hear more details.

I'm glad to hear that you do shaving brushes, I thought I was the only one left that used a mug & brush instead of the aerosol stuff. Yes, I have a beard but still have to do the neck and cheeks! ;)

Anthony Penchetta
08-01-2008, 9:09 AM
Thanks for the compliment :) It is made from sign foam. After the sign came back from the sandblaster, Howard layered the foam for the hand and pen. He roughed out the hand and pen with his chisels, then airbrushed the painting. Howard's sign shop is in the same complex as my store. so he went above and beyound designing and making most of the signs at our place. But by far, mine came out the best :)

Danny Thompson
08-01-2008, 10:01 AM
Nice, subtle shaving brush background. Great design. Something about the hand really draws your attention more than a simple pen would. It suggests the tactile nature of a hand-crafted pen or brush.

Makes me want to see your work.

Anthony Penchetta
08-01-2008, 12:02 PM

Makes me want to see your work.

Thanks. :) My work is at http://www.penworks.us

Scott Shepherd
08-01-2008, 7:36 PM
Anthony, thanks for sharing- that's a beautiful sign. I've followed several threads on sign forums where people make signs like this and it's one of my favorite things to follow when someone starts posting "start to finish" photos of these types of projects.

There are some true artists in this business (I'm not one of them), and work like this just shows how incredibly talented some folks out there really are. It's just an amazing field and those who do it are amazing artists.

Thanks for sharing your amazing sign with us.

Larry Bratton
08-02-2008, 9:46 AM
The guy that made that is an artist. Beautiful work for a beautiful part of the country.
I believe Foster Coburn, the Corel guru lives in Cave Creek, I went there once for Corel bootcamp.

Aaron Koehl
08-04-2008, 11:14 PM
Very impressive sign, and great shadows and highlights on the airbrushing too.

Anthony Penchetta
08-06-2008, 11:34 PM
I believe Foster Coburn, the Corel guru lives in Cave Creek, I went there once for Corel bootcamp.

Larry, thanks for bringing up Foster's name. Had no idea who he was. I ordered a laser engraver and need to learn Corel Draw X4, I gave him a call and he is stopping by the store this week :)