View Full Version : can i borrow a chisel or 2?

curtis rosche
07-24-2008, 4:56 PM
i started in on that big bowl that i posted a while ago. i got it almost all roughed out except for the vey bottom on the inside, the sides are roughed but there are alot of chips in it. the bowl will look amazing when done. i was wondering if i could borrow a gouge or 2, so that i can get the bottom of the bowl and so that i can smooth the sides, the sides have chips out and ridges(i have been using mortising chisels so far) it is either cherry or heavily spaulted maple burl. i would need a very very sharp chisel, because part of the problem with the bottom is that it is soft. also there are a few thins spots around the sides that are still rough that need to be made smooth in one pass, as the wall in those couple spots are very thin. i would of course return the chisels same as i got them just a little duller, for i dont want to sharpen it my self and end up doing it wrong and ruining a chisel.

help is appriciated

curtis rosche
08-04-2008, 5:49 PM
i guess thats a no?