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Michael Morgan
07-22-2008, 6:31 PM
Every year we have a fourth of July Party at my place. It started about 12 years ago as a Birthday Party for our oldest son. He has Autism and turned 16 this year right before the fourth. The first year we had about a dozen people over, year two about 20 and a few fireworks, this year we were up to around 225 people here at my place. I spend hours and hours planning the fireworks and deciding what songs to use. The video is just of the Finale a little over 5 minutes but the whole fireworks show was 32 minutes long. The first song was just a recording of a man telling the story of Francis Scott Key, Fort Henry, the prisoners, and how our National Antheim came about. It was really cool, total darkness except the light on the flag, There were no fireworks during that recording and even with about 100 kids there you could hear a pin drop. Then it got exciting the next 20+ minutes.

Here is the Finale, I pretty much nailed it with the music this year.:D


Make sure your speakers are turned up a little to get the whole effect.

Glenn Clabo
07-22-2008, 6:55 PM
Wicked COOL Mike!