View Full Version : A kinked Dozuki saw

Chuck Wintle
03-10-2003, 4:11 PM
I bought one of these Japanese type saws from Lee Valley and have noticed a small kink in the blade about mid point in the saw. It was probably bad technique that caused this because I was not used to the way it cut. Is there some way i could reduce the kink to make it less noticeable?

Tom Scott
03-10-2003, 5:43 PM
I'm not sure where I've read this, and I haven't had to try it personally, so take this as you will. If it is a small kink, I've read where you can use your thumbs and push kink against the corner of your workbench to straighten it. May not be perfect, but at least better than it is now.

John Schreiber
03-11-2003, 2:25 PM
I'll bet that after a 20 year apprenticeship a master Japanese saw-maker could do it for you with his toes over a hibachi. When I put a kink in my first Japanese saw I was able to fix it back to usefulness by carefully bending it back with a block of wood. :eek:

Now that I'm better with Japanese saws I don't kink them any more and soon I hope to buy some more expensive ones.