View Full Version : I Need Help with My Icemaker

Lance Norris
07-12-2008, 6:38 PM
I have an icemaker in my freezer that just stopped working. Its the simple type that just dumps ice into a pan, but doesnt drop it into the door. It has a wire that shuts it off when the ice gets to the top of the pan. The water valve in the basement is open, so it should have water. There is frozen ice in the icemaker, so Im assuming that the water valve that is in the bottom of the fridge that opens and closes to let water up to the freezer is working. Is this a simple fix, or do I need a service call? Thanks in advance.

glenn bradley
07-12-2008, 6:50 PM
I checked with the DIY network on this exact thing. The wire thingy had gotten flipped to the off position and stayed that way for quite awhile (I live alone and am not a big ice user). The fix recommended (and its still working) is to defrost the freezer COMPLETELY.

Take all your food somewhere else (ice chests, the garage fridge, whatever) unplug the fridge, open the door and aim your shopvac hose in there (the exhasut that is . . . you know, blowing). It will defrost in about 15 minutes if you live where its warm like I do.

Water had gotten frozen in the system somewhere that I couldn't reach. Once all was melted, everything went back to normal.

Ken Fitzgerald
07-12-2008, 7:53 PM

If it's like the one we had, the motor for the flipping the tray also was the mechanically timer used for the autodefrost cycle. The motor and gears wore out and had to be replaced.

Denny Rice
07-12-2008, 9:10 PM
I have the same syle in my freezer, The first thing to do after you are sure there is nothing obstructing the flow of water to the ice maker, check the water valve and make sure it is opening and closing, it is nothing but a simple solinod that opens and closes when current is applied. You can hear it when it switches and calls for water. If you stick your head in the freezer when it opens you can usually see water go inside the icemaker. If this is happening, I would remove the cover from the front of the icemaker, there you will find a set of gears(one large and one small gear. Check to make sure all the teeth are there and in good shape. If they are it could possibly be in the timer. My icemaker has a small button if the front of it under the cover that you can force the icemaker to cycle, you might try that too. :D

Rich Lester
07-12-2008, 9:46 PM
Check out RepairClinic.com.
I just recently had a problem with my ice maker. They helped diagnose the problem and it turned out that it was easier and cheaper to just replace the whole ice maker rather than fix the problem, a broken timer circuit wheel.

Denny Rice
07-13-2008, 4:03 AM
I have also used RepairClinic.com their service is excellent. I have bought parts for our washing machine from them. Super fast shipping, If I place an order over the web I usually have parts within 48-72 hrs. Love this site.

Guy Roland
07-13-2008, 10:29 AM
I've this problem several times, latest was just two weeks ago. What happens to me is the shutoff bar has never worked right and the bucket overfills causing the icemaker to jamb up and freeze. I pour boiling water over the ice freezer tray then hit it with a hair dryer until all the ice in the freezer tray is melted. At this point the mechanism starts to run normally. I find this easier than defrosting the whole freezer which would work as well.

Scott Velie
07-13-2008, 2:04 PM
It is s pretty simple little thing. It has a temp sensor that starts the cycle (10 or 12 degrees I think) this starts the motor that operates a cam that times all the other functions. It turns on the heater and starts the little fingers around to push out the cubes. the fingers press against them and stop until the heater allows them to move. the fingers press them out. On the 2nd revolution it opens the water valve for a timed amount (adjustable). They cannot overfill because there is a hole that allows excess water to flow over into your tray. Then it stops until it gets cold again. The wire arm if it hits ice before the bottom of its stroke will not initiate the sequence when it gets cold until it has been returned to the bottom.
Knowing all that it should be easily diagnosed. Are the fingers in the air or are they pressing against the ice cubes? Can you initiate a cycle by gently turning the big gear clockwise?
And Yes, depending on the problem it is cheaper to replace it. It is held in by either 2 or 4 screws depending on brand. Good luck

Jason Roehl
07-13-2008, 6:19 PM
Try the cheapest fixes first. We had this problem in a fridge less than a year after we bought it. It turned out that the fridge/freezer were set too cold so that the water line froze within the unit somewhere (this was our first fridge with an automatic icemaker). All we had to do was turn the temperature setting up a skosh and wait a day or two. Defrosting may work also, but is more extreme.