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martin g. boekers
07-10-2008, 6:21 PM
Does anyone have a supplier for mag lights? Or any other anodized flashlights?



Joe Pelonio
07-10-2008, 6:41 PM
Here's one: http://www.sunshinelighting.com/index.htm

Be careful on the "imitation" versions, many are coming out of China now, especially the LED ones. A lot cheaper, and often come with battery, but will they work?

We needed one urgently, and had to go through 4 at the store to find one that worked.

Scott Shepherd
07-10-2008, 7:35 PM
I think I looked into this when we first got the laser and it seems like to get Maglite lights, you had to deal directly with Maglite. Seems like I remember having some email correspondence with them, but I never had a request for a single light, so I never looked into it any further.

I may be wrong, but that's what it seems like the deal with Maglite's was.

martin g. boekers
07-11-2008, 9:25 AM
Thanks for the input,

I called went to their website and couldn't find an account signup page, so I called them. After 15 minutes of transfering me to three different people and one acually saying I couldn't buy from them because I was not a retail shop, I explained that I was (for the third time), so now another transfer. Finally the gentleman I talked to said they don't post prices online unless I have an account. I further explained that was the whole purpose of my call. Then he proceeded to tell me that they aren't set-up to have the prices online!!!!!! I finally gave up and told him I would check elsewhere.

It shouldn't be so difficult.

Thanks again though for the input. I'll check with the manufacterer of Maglights.


Brian Conklin
07-11-2008, 1:44 PM
but after paying shipping I can get them locally for less money. I advise my customers to purchase and bring in for marking.