View Full Version : Romaxx, ShopBot, or Other?

Leigh Costello
07-02-2008, 12:45 AM
Hello everyone. Hubby and I have decided not to build our own CNC. We are looking to add to our shop capabilities. And to fill some customer requests, as well. I read and re-read and am convinced someone here can help us.

Which do you all recommend for a 24 x 24 or similar CNC router? I have read so much and still feel like I know so little. We aren't ready to purchase just yet, thank you OPEC, so this is more research.

Any and all responses would be helpful.

Leigh and Jim

Keith Outten
07-02-2008, 7:26 AM

I own a ShopBot PRT Alpha and I operate one at CNU in their sign shop. I don't have any personal experience with any other manufacturer so I can't offer comparisons. What I can say is that I would never have recommended a ShopBot at CNU if I hadn't been happy with the one I own, especially when I am the one who has to operate it every day.

No doubt there are plenty of really good machines these days so I don't envy your task of having to research and make a decision on which to purchase. I do recommend that you visit the ShopBot Forum, there are a lot of happy owners who are very active there and it speaks volumes for ShopBot.

You will undoubtedly have to make a decision whether to purchase a router or a spindle for your machine. This is a touchy subject for some people. My ShopBot has a router and the ShopBot at CNU has a spindle so I use both. I love the spindle but it is ten times the cost of a router so I would buy another router for my workshop if it was coming out of my pocket. I'm not disappointed in my ShopBot/Porter Cable Router combination at all, it isn't as quiet as a spindle but it does the job nicely and earmuffs are cheap :)


Ed Lang
07-02-2008, 10:54 AM
Do take a look at the ShopBot Buddy as well as the other systems they have.

I have a PRT Alpha 4' X 8' bed and another family member across the road has a PRT Alpha 5' X 10' bed machine.

I started with a Porter Cable router, and now have a 4HP HSD spindle. I am starting to think real hard about getting a second ShopBot. When I do order the second machine, I will have it come with a spindle.

The best thing to do is find shops local to you that will show you their machine. You can ask at ShopBot for folks close to you and I bet other manufactures will also give you names. Make a few trips to see other machines and talk to those who run them.

Like lasers, there are lots to things to look at and consider.


Leigh Costello
07-05-2008, 7:36 PM
Thank you, Keith and Ed. We have been leaning towards ShopBot because of the availability of information and users here. Now, how to get much much more out of a gallon of gas for the cars....:D

Brian Robison
07-07-2008, 3:44 PM
Hi Leigh.
Take a look at these folks too. They may cost a little more but my understanding is they are a very high quality machine for industrial use. Ask questions about speed, since that's where the money is.