View Full Version : The lordís prayer in Romanian.

Steve knight
06-29-2008, 1:05 AM
This project was a little bit of a challenge. The hardest part was getting the text to work right. I could copy and paste the text just fine with all of the special marks in place. But once you made the text most of the items vanished. I had to change the language for non Unicode to Romanian and reboot to get it to work. Then all the special symbols would work. But he wanted a regular comma under the s so I had to change them manually.
I created the olive branches out of a imported jpeg and cut and pasted to get that shape. These will have an ogee edge rather then a frame. I did the painting and the glazes so donít ask me about it.
Hopefully he can peddle them and I can make them on a regular basis. I just did the 10 commandments today but itís hard to get a good picture till it is painted. this was done on mdf with a 60 v using vcarve pro on my shopbot. took about 45 minutes to cut.

Brian Kent
06-29-2008, 10:31 PM
Steve, that is fantastic work. The shopbot technology itself is amazing. So is your textual work.

I regularly work with Greek, Hebrew and Russian texts and each has its set of challenges. You have done a great job with all of the extra touches on a non-english alphabet.