View Full Version : Reversed Thread Listing

Ken Salisbury
02-14-2003, 8:35 AM
When viewing an entire thread the messages appear with the latest ones on the bottom. I like to have the latest posts to the thread on top. Has anyone figured out how to do that yet????

Mike Brewster
02-14-2003, 9:18 AM
I use this software on other boards I visit, and the oldest thread is at the bottom of all of them. On the first or second day here though, when I opened this board the oldest was at the top. It didn't stay that way long.

I'm wondering if that is something that Keith and crew can control? Also, there is a function at the bottom of the edit option page called "style set". Right now the only option there is "default". Is that a feature that when activated would control that?


Jackie Outten
02-14-2003, 10:09 AM
This is an administrative function. I will talk to Keith and see what we can do. I am not sure about the style set--will have to do a little research.

Keith Outten
02-14-2003, 8:21 PM
The thread listing is an administrative controll. We did test this the other morning and it was very tough to follow posts for me not having the main post at the top I couldn't tell what the orginal poster was asking or posting. I changed the format back to what we have now.

Aaron can probably give members an option to customise this when he starts creating custom templates. It's on his list of things to do. The number one priority is to create the option of a Pond style lurkers listing, this will in effect solve most of the requests we have had to date.