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sal shepherd
06-22-2008, 12:37 PM
Hi All, I have been searching for wood blanks,about 2" in dia.My client wants them engraved with their logo and attach a magnet back. They will be hand outs at 3 home and garden shows. Any sources welcomed. I was told they even use for jewerly.

Has anyone seen this site neat work www.dynamiclaser.com (http://www.dynamiclaser.com)

thanks in advance

Ed Maloney
06-22-2008, 1:06 PM
Sal - I sent you an email.


Shaddy Dedmore
06-22-2008, 2:58 PM
you could try http://www.wooden-nickel.com
for the 2" disks. might have to call and ask for prices of blanks, because they print on em for the most part.


Bruce Volden
06-22-2008, 5:06 PM

I haven't seen you around in quite some time! Things going good?


James Stokes
06-22-2008, 6:25 PM
You can buy the disks at Hobby Lobby.

sal shepherd
06-22-2008, 7:26 PM
James, my hobby lobby doesn't have them. Just like rub & buff they only carry gold an silver. I will try on line ,thanks

Shaddy, I will call on Monday. Thanks again Sal

George D Gabert
06-23-2008, 8:48 AM
Why not use thin plywood and cut the blanks when you engrave the parts?? This would save making a holding fixture and the handling of loading the small parts.

Michael Kowalczyk
06-23-2008, 2:48 PM
Hey Sal,
George hit the nail on the head (as they say). Here is a picture of a 2" key chain and a foot key chain made with our 3mm Russian birch ply. I can attest to their durability because I left one in my shorts, that went through the washer and dryer, and came out clean with no sign of wear, fading or delamination. We could cut them for you or you can get the ply from us and do it your self. Send me a PM if you are interested in getting the 3mm ply.
I even make some of my own business cards out of 3mm ply to hand out at shows and several members here have picked them up or we have exchanged them while networking.

Either way let me know if I can help and

sal shepherd
06-23-2008, 11:39 PM
Hi George an Michael,
You are right but the qty. is app.10,000. peices. and now they are loking at plexi glass still with magnets attached size 30 strong

Leigh Costello
06-23-2008, 11:48 PM
Hi Sal,
I did some of these for our church picnic with our church on one side and "Smile, God loves you" on the other. The grown ups like them, soon we will see how the kiddies like them. Without the magnet of course.

Good luck with your search.

George D Gabert
06-24-2008, 7:53 AM
For that many you might consider cutting and engraving something like laser magnets. I remember some threads earlier where you can cut and engrave at the same time. For tha many parts handling is going to be a real problem??

Michael Kowalczyk
06-24-2008, 11:40 AM
Hey Sal,
Once you narrow down what your customer is looking for whether it be wood or acrylic or ... IMHO you still need to do it by the sheet and hopefully your laser has enough wattage to cut through it quickly. One (1) 12" x 24" sheet yields about 78 1 3/4" blanks. That's only 129 sheets. If it takes you 20-30 minutes a sheet to engrave and cut that's about 42-65 hours of laser time.

If you go the precut route, then make 2-3 templates with a cutting grid so you can swap them out quicker. This way while one is being lasered you can remove the finished ones from the 1st run outside of the laser and have it restocked for the next run.

sal shepherd
07-01-2008, 12:03 AM
Well as you said Michael and George I like your plans. where is the best price an wood for this product. Also I should be able to cut at same time.I have a epilog helix 24x18 60watt. wish I could of afford the 100 watt. the qty on wood is 2,500, the qty on plexi is 2,500. any insite where to get the wood an plexi material at good price I should use the thin to keep weight down and also looking for magnatic sheet with strong magnetic field