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David Teffeteller
06-17-2008, 6:22 PM
Hello out there everyone! I stumbled upon this forum while surfing the net the other day and this looks like a good place to post a question I've been having.

First a little about myself, I'm not in any type of milling/woodworking or the like business. Actually I'm an Air Traffic Controller so that's about as far off as you can get. I recently (about 5 months ago) bit the bullet and bought a Carvewright machine to do a little carving. Well, to be honest this started as a hobby for me but I'm quickly learning that as I do more, people want more!!! I can't seem to keep up with demand!! Took a couple things to work as everyone was interested in what I was making and before I know it I'm flooded!! I enjoy it so I'm not complaining! Anway, I know that the Carvewright is not a "production" type machine. I do my projects WHEN I GET TIME. I don't work under a deadline or anything like that, so it's not running 10-12 hrs a day. Mostly on the weekends for 4/6 hours, depending on what I have to do. So I'm not pushing the machine THAT hard. I find that this machine just doesn't have the reliability that I need (already sent it back to the manufacturer twice, gone for about a month each time). Don't get me wrong the machine does GREAT work, and even though people say they are "in no hurry", I still like to complete thier project in a timely matter. Making people wait for 2/3 months just isn't going to work.

Now, knowing a little of my background and what I will be using that machine for.......
Does anyone out there have any suggestions on a replacement? Like I said, this isn't my line of work so going out and spending 5-6k on a machine I just can't bring myself to do.....yet!! ;) Seriously, I've been looking at the Shark Pro but haven't really seen much out there on the internet. I've downloaded most the the Vectric software, and while it isn't as intiutive as the Carvewright, I haven't really had any issues designing something(played with Corel and Photoshop for years so I think that helps).

Any help that you folks can give to point me in a good direction or just plain ole advice about machines will be greatly appreciated!!



AL Ursich
06-18-2008, 2:56 PM

AL here from the CarveWright Forum as digitalwoodshop. I helped my production problem by getting my 3rd CarveWright machine and a Thickness Sander from the Classified Ad's on here.... And I am still working 14 hours a day to keep up..... As for Air Traffic Control.... I have a scanner running with 20 Airline Frequencies next to my computer. I am under the Broadway Air Lane near NY/NJ/PA and can see two lanes of Jet Traffic 24/7 above me.

Still trying to understand some of the lingo. Lindy? Hardy?

Good Luck,


Peter Elliott
06-18-2008, 4:29 PM
I am kinda in the same boat. I brought up the Shark CNC system and got a response from Rockler, to SMC.

Still haven't seen one in person or reviews.

I am also looking at http://www.romaxxcnc.com/main.html

I think a few on the board have this cnc machine. Can't remember the thread.


David Teffeteller
06-18-2008, 5:25 PM
Thanks!!! Sent ya a PM. Check your messages. :D

Rockler now has a new review posted for the Shark. Don't now if you've seen that, but it's the only one I've seen.

I seen the post here about the machine, but I haven't seen anyone that actually has it and what there thoughts are.... We don't have a Rockler out here in OK, so I'm kinda stuck with the internet for reviews and such.

Thanks for the link, I'll take a look!!!


Kenneth Hertzog
06-19-2008, 8:05 AM
I have the shark pro.
As far as the machine goes it is well constructed with no problems.
The controlling box and software leaves a lot to be desired.
They could not make it work and their is no one their to answer questions.
So when you call you get the answering machine and they call back when they feel like it. I had the machine for two months and couldn't put out a useful product. the only thing it would do was go up and down and quit.
I've been running G-code files for years and it would not accept any that I had writen. Almost sent it back but decided to change the stepper motors and install other controlling and now it will do anything I want.
Any questions let me know

David Teffeteller
06-19-2008, 9:28 PM
Thanks Ken!
That's exactly the kinda of info I was looking for!!


Ed Harrall
06-21-2008, 10:18 AM
Look at the shopbot "buddy" at www.shopbottools.com compact but full of power and great support!

Kenneth Hertzog
06-21-2008, 12:07 PM

I did look at the shopbot buddy.
two things I didn't like was the proprietary software and
the table moves and the gantry doesn't
therefor the table weight could be a problem
if i'm doing a 5ft board or hunk of stone I would prefer the table stay put
and the gantry moved

just my preference