View Full Version : Krenov adjustment problem

Gabriel Regalbuto
06-14-2008, 3:22 PM
I just built my 4th Krenov style plane. All my others worked great from the get go, but this one is giving me problems. Specifically, its a short-ish jointer ~17" maple with cocobolo sole. Works nicely, but I can't back the blade out no matter how hard I smack it. I can deepen, and make lateral adjustments with the same taps as on my other planes, but cannot adjust for a lighter cut without removing the wedge and starting over.

Any insights?

Brian Kent
06-14-2008, 3:34 PM

Are you tapping on the heel of the plane or on the top back of the plane?
Also, what is the angle of the blade.

I see a difference of geometry when the heel is so far back and especially if the angle is steep. The tapping becomes close to a right angle to the blade instead of being close to in-line with the desired motion. Is there a safe place to tap the top side of the back half of the plane?


Gabriel Regalbuto
06-14-2008, 8:02 PM
I've been tapping, actually TAPPING the tail. The blade is at 45. I figured it had something to do with the geometry. I suppose I'll give it a shot more on the top of the plane. I've yet to do any carving, perhaps I'll work a little ledge into the top.

Brian Kent
06-14-2008, 11:07 PM
I look at Steve Knight's wooden planes and they appear to have a tapping area on the top back of the tail. That would make sense if you want the energy to go at a 45 angle to the plane body (same as the blade).