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Richard Brown
03-09-2003, 11:56 AM
Has anyone used Eisenbrand Hardwoods located in Torrance CA? I got a card the other day from them and a web site which I looked up and started comparing the prices and they seem to be about the same as other Exotic woods suppliers. I have used the Exotic Hardwoods in Carlsbad CA before and they seem a little less on their turning blocks. What I was really wondering, is Eisenbrand's turning blocks and lumber of good quality?

Richard Brown
03-09-2003, 12:14 PM
The correct name for the supplier in Carlsbad is Tropical Hardwoods.

Howard Barlow
03-09-2003, 10:46 PM
I guess if you don't have access to local suppliers, shipping is the only way to go. Is that reasonably affordable? Do you have to order a lot to make it wortwhile? Can you do commercial work competetively that way?

Fortunately, I can get most of what I want in Houston. I know not everyone has that luxury. Just wondering.

Jim Izat
03-10-2003, 2:00 PM
Originally posted by Richard Brown
The correct name for the supplier in Carlsbad is Tropical Hardwoods.

Actually the name of the outfit is:

<b><a href="http://www.anexotichardwood.com/">Tropical Exotic Hardwoods of Latin America</a></b>

I went by there once when they were in their old location when I was in San Diego for a conference. Really nice people, they'll do anything to make sure the customer is happy. Just click on the name above to go there.

Jim Izat