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Jerry Nettrour
05-25-2008, 1:58 AM
Hello, I have been a woodworker wanna be for about 5 years. I have practiced on my family and friends with several projects. I just began taking on paying clients.

I just read about the last 4 pages worth of postings and you all have real talents here. Even those who claim little to no experience make me feel like I should not quit my day job or anything.

Recently I built this vanity just for fun (my tools had been packed away for nearly a year due to a major move) but I have no real need for it and want to sell it. I think I have about $175 in it. Can someone tell me how to come up with a fair price and where I might go to sell a vanity. We live in San Antonio and are new to this area. Oh yeah, vanity is 5', fits standard 5' top purchased at Lowes/Home Depot, is made of Oak vaneer ply 3/4", solid oak face frame and solid oak raised panel doors, Golden oak stain with Teac oil finish. Has 6 total drawers including toe kick drawers.

Also helpful advice and critiques are welcome.

I am currently building a 12' built in wall book shelf with 3 individual equal units for a customer, 7 1/2' tall end units with center unit 8' tall and 4" deeper. The unit is made of MDF with poplar face frame, 6 raised panel cabinet doors outline the bottom up to 31" high. The one question I have is that I am getting ready to primer and paint white with Behr semi gloss white. Some of the MDF is machined by router, any suggestions on how this process will work or will the MDF soak up the paint. Also used MDF for the shelves while adding extra support under shelf to total 1 1/2" MDF shelf, the shelf spans 2'.


Jerry ;)89251



A link to some of my practice work.

www.jerrysworkshop.blogspot.com (http://www.jerrysworkshop.blogspot.com)

Dewey Torres
05-25-2008, 2:32 AM
First... Your web site and ambition will carry you much further than advice from us.

Second...That being said, you should try your best to target folks who bought new homes (but not new construction homes).
New construction homes buyers usually spend all they can afford on a house and have little left over for upgrades or they buy the upgrades from the builder (there are exceptions).
Second time owners and beyond usually buy the closest thing they can find to what they really want and then immediately look for the upgrades needed to finish it off. That's where you come in.

Third... As for your work, be prepared to offer a slew of advantages to the customer above and beyond what they can get elsewhere and that should give you at least an 80% solution.

Forth... incorporate inlay or marquetry accents when you can:D


Jim Becker
05-25-2008, 8:00 PM
Welcome, Jerry! And nice work. Very kewel on the toe-kick storage, too.

John Thompson
05-25-2008, 11:47 PM
Very nice, Jerry. Can't help on fair price as I don't re-sell with a few exceptions of work-benches and a few consignment pieces for local interior furnishing establishments.


David Eldridge
05-26-2008, 1:12 PM
Nice cabinet. In response to your question about mdf I would recommend a stain blocking primer like zinser 123 or kilz. Stain blocking primers will seal the cut mdf edges and really give you a good bond for the paint.

Nancy Laird
05-26-2008, 1:24 PM

VERY nice vanity. I really like the toe-kick drawers. LOML and I had a vanity built for our bathroom, built of double-sided melamine with oak face frames and drawer fronts. It isn't as elaborate as yours, and the guy charged us $600.00 to build it in 1995. That might give you a start point for pricing. I don't know where you are (maybe fill in your profile?), so prices in your area may not be comparable to the Albuquerque area.

And...welcome to the Creek. Wade right in, the tadpoles and bullfrogs don't bite and the coffee is always on.


Ken Fitzgerald
05-26-2008, 2:55 PM
Great vanity Jerry! Welcome to the Creek! We learn from each other here and I'm sure we'll all learn from you!

Jerry Nettrour
05-26-2008, 3:33 PM
Thanks to everyone for the comments. I will fill out my profile. We live in San Antonio Texas. Thanks everyone. Jerry

Tom Henderson2
05-26-2008, 6:19 PM
Hi Jerry-

Good luck. Wish I could help you with your quandry, but that is out of my league.

I do have a question about the toe-kick drawers. Are they recessed, or flush with the front? A vanity without a toe kick would concern me. A vanity with a toe kick and drawers behind, would be something I would be interested in if I were shopping.


Jeffrey Makiel
05-27-2008, 6:44 AM
I can't tell you what it's worth, but it looks like a million bucks!

Too bad you can't find a place for it in your home. Showing folks your work is always a nice feeling. It demonstrates personal pride and a personal touch in one's home.

-Jeff :)

Jerry Nettrour
05-29-2008, 10:58 PM
Hello Tom, yes the drawers are recessed where the toe kick is cut out, plenty of room for your toes to roam in the morning. I actually seen a similar vanity at Lowes a couple of years ago and thus the inspiration. They wanted $600.00 for the vanity and I could see it's worth at that time. Building the recessed drawer is just a minor pain but not that bad actually. You know that you really want a square drawer and adding extra parts in order to make a recessed drawer you just hope for the best.

You all know, we just bought our home, first one that we got brand new. The builder put in all very nice cabinetry that actually looks high end but after close inspection you can see they are laminated. They are very nice though. I tell my wife I can reface them and add raised panel doors to the whole deal for just the cost of materials but she is opposed to the idea at this time. So my high quality vanity is the odd ball out at this time.