View Full Version : large wine rack, what do you think?

curtis rosche
05-12-2008, 5:16 PM
heres a winerack that i made. i needed a shop project and my dad needed a wine rack, . i didnt use plans from anywhere, i made them myself. its made of ash, i used a 3inch forestner bit to drill the holes, then cut them in half, used the router table to make the shoulders, used a half inch mortise 5/8ths deep (the mortiser smoked A LOT!). two 1.25inch screws in bothe ends. 6ft tall, 36inches wide, 9 bottles per shelf, 14 shelves. the front shelves are routered. i ordered a little to much wood, and then when i was making it i didnt use some of what i thought i was, i had ordered 60ft at $4bdft, thankfully i didnt pay the bill, and my dad is getting a second one with some ajustments. overall the total was around $300, for the shipping, 3 inch bit and wood. how does it look? any thing that should be changed?

Jim Becker
05-12-2008, 5:18 PM
Excellent work, Curtis!!!!

When you "install" it with your dad, make sure you put in anti-tipping support at the back to insure it stays in place as the weight of the bottles shift around.

curtis rosche
05-12-2008, 5:24 PM
yepp, we did, we also put 2ft feet on it so that it can tip. then i climbed on top just to make sure:D:p. it holds well, there was no wobble, the only problem was that some of the bigger white wine bottles didnt fit side by side, because i drilled the holes right next to eachother, i'll remember for next time

John Thompson
05-12-2008, 7:05 PM
Excellent job with all that duplication of detail on each slot. A young man with patience... congratulations as that is a rare bird anymore.

Very nice work from stem to stern... Keep up the excellence......



Ken Fitzgerald
05-12-2008, 8:53 PM
Very nicely done Curtis! We all learn a little about design as we design our own projects. Very nicely done!

curtis rosche
05-12-2008, 8:54 PM
i wouldnt say patience, that took since january, i am addicted to turning to much. just alot of quick presicion repeditiveness

gary Zimmel
05-12-2008, 9:40 PM
Nice job on the wine rack Curtis. Make sure to give us a pic when you have it finished and filled with wine....

John Thompson
05-13-2008, 12:45 AM
Exactly what I meant Curtis.. repetiveness requires patience as there are probably other things we would rather be doing than duplicating over and over and over. If you ever do a set of chairs.. you will really know how patience is a virtue. ;)


Norman Pyles
05-13-2008, 12:58 AM
If I was your dad, I'd be very proud of your work.:cool:

curtis rosche
05-13-2008, 7:26 AM
i wasnt allowed to take pictures of it after we filled it, my dad collect the more excpencive stuff, it filled with about 2/3 red and the other third white, it doesnt rock or move