View Full Version : Walnut and ??????

Guy Germaine
05-10-2008, 5:58 AM
In a couple of weeks, I'll be starting another hall table project to put up on eBay (Haven't decided if I'm going to put a Newf Inlay in it or not). All of the tables that I've made so far have been either Walnut and Tiger Maple, or Walnut and BE Maple. I was wondering if you guys think Walnut and Bubinga would look nice together? I was thinking about making the top out of Waterfall Bubinga with a walnut frame.

Ralph Barhorst
05-10-2008, 9:50 AM
I am also going to be making a hall table and I have already purchased some nice waterfall bubinga veneer that I plan to use for the top.

I am planning to use mahogany for the rest of the table. Not sure if that will be better than walnut.

I will be looking forward to other peoples opinions.

Larry Fox
05-10-2008, 10:43 AM
Guy - I think walnut and bubinga make a great combination. I am working on a table for my parents with a nice bubinga veneered center and walnut for the rest. I have buit one table with walnut, bubinga and bem that turned out great. That being said, I plan on adding a piece of inlay between the walnut and bubinga to make the transition distinct. Please post pics.