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Barb Macdonald
05-09-2008, 12:27 PM
Just had to say that. He just came in and got me hooked up with Abigail to the net, and he's going to help me out by offering maintenance services.
What a guy!! Anytime I have had a problem, I try like heck to solve it, then I (finally) remember to call Mike, and the problem is solved.

Haven't burned a darned thing all week, too busy doing other stuff. But my business cards have been a hit, and my new web-site is finally up and running too.
I have had great responses from (my best) customers, I've been sending them what I call "Multi-Use thingies", as a "thanks for the business" promotional gift, lasered with our info of course.
The women I've sent them to love them, one said it felt like a weapon in her purse:)
The guys have liked em too. That's a mild promo point I guess I'm suggesting, using the laser for promotional items has been the best use so far, for my machine.
Burnt a lot of blue/clear reverse-laserable rowmark, discovered lots of interesting things!!!
1) Back-painting shiny silver is boring because it just looks like matte grey from the front, but white/gold/any strong colour looks awesome. Our corporate colours are blue'n silver, oh well.
2) Don't try for too big of an area, the material does start to smile after awhile.
3) I really need to build 4 pieces 12"x 18" dead flat, thick enough to lower the table, platforms to sit on top of the grid. That will help with my losing focus over the bed. Anyone know the maximum weight my big table can bear? Just wondering.... Has anyone had any issues with heavy objects?
I have a 2'x3' bed, epilog legend ext 60 watt.

Have a great weekend, all

to the creek!!


Jeanette Brewer
05-09-2008, 2:05 PM

Mike Clarke is one of my favorite people -- of course, it helps that he's a Dallas Cowboys fan! ;)

Here's the info from the tech guys on the EXT weight limit:

The weight limit on the old style EXT with single lead screw on either
side of table is roughly 25-30 lbs. New EXT with dual lead screws on
either side of table is roughly 45-50 lbs.