View Full Version : Replacement canopy

Kyle Kraft
05-07-2008, 9:09 AM
I am looking for a replacement canopy for a 10' x 10' BORG gazebo. Has anybody here had to replace theirs and who did you buy it from? Of course I tried the borg where I bought it and they don't carry that brand anymore (I bought it summer '07). There are lots of places on the web that sell them but I have no idea of the quality of their stuff. My current canopy is made of nylon like the kind used in a typical backpack tent.

I would like something a little beefier to withstand the prevailing wind conditions. Maybe a trip to the custom canvas shop is in order.

Bruce Shiverdecker
05-07-2008, 7:44 PM
I use an easy-up. They are good and usually available locally. If not not contact them. They have been very helpful to me. Reasonably priced, too.


Kyle Kraft
05-08-2008, 8:59 AM
Hi Bruce,

Thanks for the reply. Mines a non-easy up though, with a pyramidal roof. The ones I found on the net are about $90 and I don't know how heavy duty they are.

Matt Meiser
05-08-2008, 9:18 AM
I would just have one made. Just guessing, but since you bought it at the Borg, its probably something made in China for a specific retailer. The chances of actually getting a replacement part from them are pretty low, and if they do have them, its probably going to be the exact same thing you already had. If you have it made you can get the material you want in the color you want.