View Full Version : Maple HF

Bill Bolen
05-07-2008, 12:20 AM
Guess I've been giving the steel snake a workout this week! This is a hard maple HF 6 3/4 X just under 3". The dark strip is from a small branch that was poking out the side. I didn't think it would add much to the piece till I got into the wood. Nice surprize. Has 3 coats of AO burned in on the lathe. I'll buff it out in a weekor two...Bill...

Jon Lanier
05-07-2008, 12:55 AM
Oh wow, that is gorgeous, from form to finish. :D

Ron Drew
05-07-2008, 7:20 AM
Beautiful Bill. I love the way maple will often reveal "flaws" that can set off an otherwise plain wood. Very nice form and finish. When you burn in the oil on the lathe, are you applying the oil on a rag while the piece is turning? What is the advantage in doing that?

Jack Mincey
05-07-2008, 7:42 AM
Very nice!!

jeremy levine
05-07-2008, 8:05 AM
Wow, post some more pics please , that's a real winner, What is AO ?

Bernie Weishapl
05-07-2008, 9:35 AM
Beautiful piece Bill. Form and finish are just great. Well done.

Bill Bolen
05-07-2008, 10:30 AM
AO is minwax antique oil. It is a wiping varnish. While mounted on the lathe I put a coat of AO on with the lathe off. Let it flash off for a few minutes and then friction it in. Thanks for the niced comments too!..Bill..

Burt Alcantara
05-07-2008, 10:33 AM
Beautiful form, wood, finish! Didn't know you could friction varnish. Learn something new everyday.


Steve Schlumpf
05-07-2008, 12:39 PM
Very nice work William! Great form, interesting wood and beautiful finish! I'd say you have this hollow form thing down! Nice work!

Ben Gastfriend
05-07-2008, 6:16 PM
Woweeeeeeeeeeee! This looks great, that inlcusion adds so much character. Also, a real nice form and awsome finish. Great job!

Bill Bolen
05-07-2008, 6:23 PM
Thanks fellas! You can probably feel me blushing from all the nice things y'all said!...Bill..