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david kramer
05-05-2008, 1:21 AM
I recently completed a maple and eastern walnut toy chest for my daughter. The box was made entirely from two 8/4 boards, one maple and the other walnut. It has a soft-down lid support to keep little fingers from getting scrunched. The finish is wipe on poly, wet sanded to 600 and then buffed out with steel wool and wax. I taught myself to use a lathe in order to turn the knob. It took me about 5 hrs to achieve minimal proficiency on the lathe, and then about 15 mins to turn the knob :).

The only power tool that I own that is worth owning is a decent router. I did the resawing and the large cuts at the Sawdust Shop, which is a great resource for woodworkers in the SF Bay area. Other than that, just about everything about the box was done with the router. I hope that this is an inspiration to those of you out there who, like me, don't have great shops. You can still produce pieces that you can be proud of, it just takes a little longer :).


Duncan Potter
05-05-2008, 10:00 AM
That is excellent work, both the daughter and the toy box. She will treasure it when she is grown.

What type of corner join did you use for the box? Couldn't tell from the pics.

Did you rout the boards in a stack to get the pattern to line up?

gary Zimmel
05-05-2008, 11:50 AM
Great job on the toy chest. Looks like it's a hit with your daughter.

david kramer
05-05-2008, 1:29 PM
What type of corner join did you use for the box? Couldn't tell from the pics.

That's a very astute question, and a bit of a touchy subject :). They're basically rabbits. I used rabbits because the stock is 1/2", which leaves relatively few options. I know that rabbits are very weak, particularly if kids are involved. My plan was to cut splines into the corners after glue-up. But but that point I had so much effort invested that I lost my nerve and didn't want to make any cuts on the box. So I'm putting my faith in TiteBond II and hoping for the best.

Did you rout the boards in a stack to get the pattern to line up?

I first made a male template, which I used to make a female template (compensating offsets). I flush trimmed the boards using the templates, one at a time. And when all was done, miraculously, it all lined up :).


Jim Becker
05-05-2008, 1:35 PM
That is a super kewel chest, David!!!! Wow...great job!

mreza Salav
05-05-2008, 1:48 PM
very nice!! She'll love it.

Bruce Page
05-05-2008, 2:57 PM
It looks like you have a happy costumer, what else could you ask for?
Beautiful job on the chest your daughter is a sweetheart too!

Robert Rozaieski
05-05-2008, 3:45 PM
I think that's a really cool design for a toybox. Playful and fun. Looks like she likes it too. A toybox is definately on my to do list, but I don't think I could make one big enough for all my two daughters' stuff :D!

Raymond Fries
05-05-2008, 4:41 PM
I love the design. Good Job!

John Thompson
05-06-2008, 1:18 AM
Very nice David. Excellent detail especially with 1/2" stock as that thickness can be a bit delicate to work with. But the results and just outstanding and so is the young lady sitting on it guarding the "goodies" inside. :)



Dave MacArthur
05-06-2008, 4:00 AM
Really nice! I am looking at everything maple/walnut, as I'm planning on building a bookcase system--your great chest is helping convince me it's the look I want!
Well done.

Dave Tinley
05-06-2008, 12:13 PM
Very nice looking tool box.
And I like the curves to join the two colors, great idea !


david kramer
05-08-2008, 7:29 PM
Thanks to everyone for your kinds words. It's really great to be part of such a supportive community.