View Full Version : Sign mounting suggestions

Wil Lambert
04-27-2008, 4:00 PM
Looking for suggestions for mounting a new HDU sign. The sign is 36" x 20". It will be made from a laminate of 2- 1" hdu panels and and a .125" sheet of aluminum. The customer wnats the sign to be hung from one side only. Just like a flag. Preferably a simple bracket on the one edge only. Any suggestions for the bracket? I also and considering using Corian instead of HDU because of strength.

The old sign was a simple mortis joint through the whole post. The customer does not want this again since the post rotted out around the mortis from before.


Joe Pelonio
04-27-2008, 4:13 PM
Painted aluminum angle iron is the first thing that comes to mind, though you will have screws showing.

If you switch from HDU to corian you could probably drill pilot holes on the edge and mount with long screws through the post.

Wil Lambert
04-29-2008, 5:34 AM
Thanks for the suggestions Joe. I am trying to push for the Corian sign instead and we will bury a bracket in between the 2 halves.


Keith Outten
04-29-2008, 6:26 AM

I would try to convince my customer to replace the wooden post with aluminum square tubing and use two pieces of aluminum angle to fasten the sign to the post with stainless steel fasteners. Material costs certainly go up but the longevity of the sign will make up for the upfront costs. Sandwich the sign between the angle and through bolt, then fasten it to the sign post. You could use acorn nuts and all-thread if you are concerned about the look of the fasteners. This would work on a wooden post, you should bolt all the way through and use either large washers or wide flat bar on the opposite side. A 36" wide sign will have a considerable moment arm force.

If you decide to use Corian you can probably use just one piece since you can laser engrave or CNC route both sides. Corian is very heavy, if you have to use two pieces I doubt the wooden post will handle the weight, over time it will probably start to bow. Another option would be to use 1/4" thick Color Core sheet which would be lighter and not need to be painted. Corian is a very hard plastic and it will break if you don't provide a good hanger system. Color Core is a softer material and much more flexible than Corian.