View Full Version : I hate making boxes so I do it the easy way.

Steve knight
04-26-2008, 12:56 AM
no joints no miters and it's fast. though it does waste wood but between time and wood it usually cost more in time for me.
Plus I have never really finished a normal box in all the years or only a couple.
this is a headphone case and I need to make it cost effective. I have debated on how to make it fast and with the least amount of cost so I can make some money on it.
I debated on finger jointing the sides but I don't have a dado blade or splined 45's and plywood top and bottom or thin wood. but I thought well hollowing out a box takes more wood but it takes far less time to build it. about 15 minutes or so to mill out the inside while I am doing something else then the about 15 minutes to sand and the rest to put on a wipe on finish and the hardware.
I was going to put a handle on this but found I can't get the screws in from the back. got to find a different handle type.
to make the inside I took a picture of the foam insert imported in and used it to make the vectors to cut the inside. I used a 1/2" bit and the cut is 1.75" deep

Chris Friesen
04-28-2008, 2:03 PM
Very cool. Is that for Grados?

Steve knight
04-28-2008, 11:56 PM
Very cool. Is that for Grados?
yes good guess. I will be doing another box for a smaller pair. but I don't have the cardboard box so I don't know the brand. I am working on replacement wooden cups for them too.