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cesar rosado
04-24-2008, 9:51 AM
Does any one know how to make the depth of cuts to be same as a 3D model.
not just same letters cut to same depth.
I would like to make my cut depth be per 3d model..
im using gravostyle 98
and the 3D models can be from PROE or inventor.
Im doing this to clear cast acrylic.
I would like to to 3D shapes to with this machine..im not sure if it can be done.
im new to ingraving but expert in 3D MODELING.
any ideas would be great...Thanks.

Rob Wright
04-25-2008, 12:45 PM
Cesar -

One question -

Can the unit read G-code?If the unit can read G-code, then you will need the software to create the tool paths from your models. Cut3D from http://www.vectric.com (http://www.vectric.com/) is an inexpensive platform for converting a number of solid model formats to tool paths. There is a free demo available at the website to see if you can upload and tool path some of the models that you have created.

I was unable to find out very much information on the Gravostyle from google. It may use a propriety software for it's engraving.

Hope that this helps a little.

- Rob

Richard Rumancik
04-25-2008, 3:52 PM
I did a few searches too and found very little info on Gravostyle. The basic engraver seems to be a 2 1/2D machine and I suspect that it is not an open g-code system.

Cesar - you might contact Solustan (www.solustan.com (http://www.solustan.com)) and ask them if they still supply conversions for engravers. Unfortunately, it would cost you some money but there is a good chance that you need a pretty extensive hardware/software retrofit to be able to do 3D on this unit. I am not sure how electronics-oriented you are, but it may be possible to keep the steppers intact and add on a third-party 3-axis driver board, then run it from Mach3 from your parallel port or USB port on your PC.

You have a 3D model; you need something to create the g-code (possibly Vectric Cut3D); then something like Mach3 to convert the gcode into step/direction commands for the motor drivers. The Vectric people may give you some insight as to what is possible. Take a look here:


Not sure how much New Hermes will tell you. It would be nice if your unit could accept g-code directly. You could ask Vectric if anybody has written a post-processor for Cut-3D for New Hermes machines. (The post-processor will take standard g-code and tweak it for a specific machine.) But if it is more of an HPGL or proprietary interface on the Vanguard, you may have to replace the electronics as suggested above.

Richard Rumancik
04-26-2008, 11:05 AM
Cesar, take a look at this.


They don't say that it will make the engraver 3D functional. But it will accept g-codes after adding the new control box. Ask them about 3D contouring capabilities. It will cost some money, but may be cheaper than buying an entirely new machine.

As I said earlier, you could probably do something similar yourself if you have software/electronics expertise or access to it. It all depends on your resources available.

Mike Null
04-26-2008, 7:27 PM
A couple of the New Hermes machines can do 3d. The large majority cannot. The place where i worked several years ago had one for doing masters of medals and it did a great job. As I recall it was special and expensive Gravograph software we had to buy.

I believe our operator went to the factory for training.