View Full Version : MB Ruler- freeware screen measurer.

Darren Null
04-21-2008, 3:00 PM
I just received a dodgy gif in the email for a job (ID plate for a harley) with the description "The measures are far longer 85 mm. And the other in proportion."


So. 85 mm across then, with a bit of luck...all I had to do was work out the height of the thing from the photo.

Using this, it was easy:
And the program also does angles, RGB values and a couple of other things too. There is a pro version that measures things that no sane person could possibly want to know.

================================================== ==
And on the subject of handy hints and rulers......Photoshop- straightening angled horizons etc:

If you've taken a photo, and horizontal (or vertical) surfaces are at a bit of an angle (this happens to me frequently and is often beer-related...thank the stars for autofocus!), there's an easy way of straightening it:

1. There's a ruler tool on the toolbar on the left. Click on it.

2. Click on two points on your horizon (or whatever).

3. Click on Image > Rotate Image > Arbitrary

4. Photoshop will automagically detect and fill in the degree of straightening needed and whether it's clockwise or anticlockwise. Press OK.

Job done! You'll then have to crop the image to make it square again.
EDIT: While I was googling the ruler app (couldn't remember the name), I came across this page: