View Full Version : Cutting Sculpey

Deane Shepard
04-17-2008, 2:42 PM
Has anyone tried cutting Sculpey polymer clay (either before or after baking)? I'd like to try it but while the MSDS doesn't indicate any problems, I think it contains PVC.


Jackie McGowan
04-17-2008, 3:01 PM
Hi there,
I dabble in making Polymer clay jewelry & I have done a couple of tests on a baked flat pc (approx 1/8" thick) for cutting and engraving. It cut very nicely but engraving leaves an orangy brown color (which is not really a bad effect). I only did those tests, then looked into it more because I suspected it had PVC and it does, so I havent done anything since because of that. It's a shame too, it cut really well. I wish it were safe. There would be alot of possibilities.....