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Kevin Baker
04-16-2008, 4:06 AM
Hi Everyone -

If I purchased a Universal Laser PLS3.60 or PLS4.60 with a 30W laser, then down the road could I simply purchase another 30W laser to give me a total of 60W?


Maor Grinberg
04-16-2008, 5:00 AM
There are four PLS machines: 3.60, 4.60, 6.60 and 6.120D. they all use the same tubes, up to 60 watts. the only one that can accommodate two laser tubes is the 6.120 (other than that it's the same as the 6.60).

something else you should take into account - you can trade-in your old tube for 75% of it's price (in the first year, after that it's less attractive) and buy a new one at any wattage.