View Full Version : Built-In, mantel,and Crown/Baseboard Install

Mike Heidrick
04-13-2008, 11:01 PM
Over two different Sundays I helped install built-in cabinets, mantel, mud-closet, and book shelf system and also learned to install crown and baseboards. Thought I would show you a couple pictures as my install accomplishemnt this weekend. My mentor Gary made the pieces. These are now installed at my friend Tony's house. He is VERY happy with them. Recessed lighting and coat rack are also installed in the built-in. Hope you like them.

Dave MacArthur
04-14-2008, 2:20 AM
Fantastic! Can you tell a bit about the wood and construction? Thanks! looks nice.

Joe Chritz
04-14-2008, 4:28 AM
Looks good.

Crown molding is the DEBIL!