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harold brock
04-09-2008, 2:22 PM
I am going to be a grandfather for the first time and am looking for some crib plans. Everything I have found online so far seems pretty dated. Does anyone have any plans that are something todays parents might not think is old school!!

Ray Schafer
04-09-2008, 3:47 PM
There was a plan that looked really cool that was in Wood magazine (I think). The plan was for a crib that transitioned into a toddler bed and then a twin as the child grows older. I will look for it tonight and let you know where I find it.

Ray Schafer
04-09-2008, 4:03 PM
I am not sure this is it, but it was a lot like this:

Greg Cuetara
04-09-2008, 10:07 PM
I recently made the rockler 3 in 1 crib for my new son.


I think there are other plans out there but this was nice because it can transition into a day bed and then a full size bed.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Bob Albrecht
04-15-2008, 3:12 PM

I built one for my grand-niece using the Rockler hardware and it turned out great and matter of fact, i'll also be starting another for my first grand-son.

If you order this one, take some time and review the plans as I did. I did not build mine exactly as the plans call for and doesn't take much to change it to suit your wishes.

I will use the same plans, but will actually build it to suit.

Greg Cuetara
04-15-2008, 9:39 PM
Do you have any pictures of the first one you built? What kind of changes are you going to make to the plans? I was happy with the plans and the outcome....but I think the slats were almost the end of me...lol...it was all fun though and all time in the shop.

Bob Albrecht
04-16-2008, 9:02 AM

Yes I do and if you PM your e-mail, I'll send them to ya. I can't figure out how to attach them here.

The changes were minor kinda minor on the one for my grand-niece's crib. My niece likes the Shaker style ( I do to), so I changed the end panels to match the Shaker style. It's made of black walnut my grandfather harvested from our mountain land and my grand-niece would have been his first great-great grand daughter.

I plan on using 1/4 sawn white oak my G-dad also had cut for my grand-sons crib (would've been his first g-g grandson), not sure of the design yet, but will use the basic pattern and hardware from Rockler.