View Full Version : Dinning room table plans needed

Al Willits
04-04-2008, 11:22 AM
I need plans for a dinning room table, it needs to have at least one leaf and would prefer rectangular shape, seating 2 to 6 people.
Its a small dinning room so the leaf would help with room.

Something in the traditional style but not to plain, planing on doing some inlays on it and probably a bit thicker top and heavier looking sides.

Most of the plans I've found online aren't quite fancy enough for her highness and I'd like to build one a bit fancier also, no carving or lathe work but just a bit more than the basic designs I've seen.
Not exactly sure, but I figure I'll know it when she see's it...:)

This is the like the sideboard I'll build, change to top to granite inserts to match the kitchen counter tops, but pretty close to this one.

My luck modify basic plans to something else has usually resulted in lots of scrap wood, considering I have enough scrap wood to last for quite awhile, I'd like to find a plan as close to what I'm looking for as possible.