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Bruce Page
02-13-2003, 6:33 PM
Can I post more than one pic at a time?

Bruce Page
02-14-2003, 11:10 AM
Thanks. I noticed in one of Jim DeLaney's posts that he had two signature pics - probably unintentional but proof that it can be done.

Ken Salisbury
02-14-2003, 12:03 PM
<IMG src="http://www.klsal.com/knorm1.jpg"> <IMG src="http://www.klsal.com/logsig.jpg"> <IMG src="http://www.klsal.com/oldman.jpg"> <IMG src="http://www.klsal.com/bud.gif"><IMG src="http://www.klsal.com/howwedoit.gif">

Jim Fuller
02-14-2003, 12:42 PM
But I can't even figure out how to post ONE picture yet. What format does it need to be in?

Aaron Koehl
02-14-2003, 3:19 PM
Acceptable formats are image files ending in <font color="red">.jpg</font> or <font color="red">.gif</font>. Other formats (like .png) are acceptable but not widely supported. <br><br>Please try to keep images under 60K, though the limits are set higher than that.<br><hr size=1 color="#000000" noshade width="50%"><br>

<font color="red" face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif">You can add pictures several different ways:</font>
<ul><li>If your picture is already accessible via the web, you can enter the address of it by click on the IMG button:<br>http://www.sawmillcreek.org/images/aaron/img_pic.jpg.<br>
This will create a link to it. <b>OR</b><br><br></li>
<li>Type &lt;IMG SRC= " http://www.sawmillcreek.org/images/aaron/img_pic.jpg" &gt; and it will do something like: <img src="http://www.sawmillcreek.org/images/aaron/img_pic.jpg"><br><b>OR,</b><br></li>
<li>Click <i>Browse...</i> next to <b>Attach File</b><br>
<img src="http://www.sawmillcreek.org/images/aaron/img_pic2.jpg"><br>to attach a file at the end.
- Aaron

Jim Fuller
02-14-2003, 4:02 PM
But my files are upward of 200kb's. How do I shrink them. maybe I could e-mail you a picture and you size it and tell me how. BTW I have never tried to post a picture before now. I use them all the time in Power Point programs but never on the net. thanks

Bruce Page
02-14-2003, 4:39 PM
Ken, from my C drive, I could not upload more than one pic. I even went back and did an edit and uploaded another pic but when I did that, it dumped the first pic from the message.
Three of the pic's in you post are OK - I don't know about the other two though….

Keith Outten
02-14-2003, 6:47 PM
If you use the file upload box at the bottom of the new message screen you can only post one message per post. This is the easiest method.

You can post multiple messages here and post one picture per message as well as providing a description of each picture in each message. This works very well.

What Ken did was link to pictures he has on his web site, he did not upload them to the board. Your ISP probably offers you free web space for a personal web page, you can store pictures there and link to them here at SawMillCreek. You will have to call your ISP and get instructions from them concerning using their servers for web space.

The reason you must adjust your picture size for the web is to make them load faster and to save drive space and bandwidth. To resize your picture you need a photo editing program like Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, Corel Draw, etc. There are also many picture viewing programs like ACDSee that will easilly resize photos as well. Microsoft Image Composer also works well. Almost all digital cameras now come with software that allows you to make photo albums and edit your pictures. THe file size is the most important thing to be concerned with as SawMillCreek and almost all web services have a limit on the size of pictures you can upload.

Hope This Helps,