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Kevin Baker
04-01-2008, 4:41 AM
Hi Everyone!

I'm interested in purchasing a laser. I've contacted UL here in VA and plan a trip to see them in April and have contacted Epilog and awaiting their information via mail.

Can anyone give me some advice on which to purchase, options, etc. I've seen some 3D files and would like to do some of them and of course the basic 2D stuff (plaques, signs, etc).

This won't be a job per say for me, but more of a hobby to make Christmas stuff and small items for my church.

The guy at UL said about every four years or so I'd have to purchase a new CO2 tube and I think he said they go for around $2,800.00.

I'm looking for ease of use and of course good tech/customer support.


Rodne Gold
04-01-2008, 5:17 AM
There is a huge amount of info at your fingertips here , lots and lots of threads ....
Im not being trite or anything , but use the search function and you will find reams of answers to all your queries.

Mike Mackenzie
04-01-2008, 1:01 PM

I am guessing that you mean ULS as you referred to it as UL. The Laser cartridges do not need to be replaced however a recharge is needed. The cost from ULS even on there high power tube is only 1,050.00 + shipping.

They work this as a core exchange so when you need to recharge the gasses they will send you the replacement and you will exchange it with the one on the system and then return it to the manufacturer. You will then be charged for the recharge.

In fact they completely go through the re-processed laser tube so the exchange you get is essentially a new re processed tube. They just don't re gas the tube they will update and replace all electronics if necessary, also all internal optics are replaced or cleaned and aligned, cooling fans are checked and replaced if necessary as well the tube itself is cleaned internally before the re gassing process.

They use the same process to re process a used tube as they would to manufacture a new tube.

Scott Shepherd
04-01-2008, 1:18 PM
Kevin, I'm in Richmond with a ULS system. You're always welcome to contact me and come by the office any time, day, night, weekend, and spend as much time as you want fiddling with my ULS system.

Just send me a PM, email me, or post your contact information here and I'll give you a call.

Just give me a little notice and we'll work out a time. Stay as long as you like.


Kevin Baker
04-01-2008, 3:18 PM
Rodney -

Yeah, I guess my post was more of a poll, how many ULS out there vs Epilog. Just want to get the best system I can afford.

Mike - Really good selling point - I'll have to see how Epilog does it, but ULS process seems pretty sweet.

Scott - Thanks for the invite, I sent you a PM.

Thanks again,