View Full Version : What is your best work?

lucas kreft
03-27-2008, 10:26 PM

I just posted a help forum, but for this one a simple question.
(I realize it is a problem, and it needs to get solved before any major work.)
What is your best work, or something you are very proud of.

I am young, and new to this. I have the mindset of etching whole tile floors or walls..

Post an image. Show your great work and imagine the possibilities.


Mike Null
03-28-2008, 4:58 AM

If you'll try the search option you'll find hundreds of posts with various products. Some of our members do amazing things with their machines and imagination.

Another thing to try is looking at the list of engravers and visiting their web sites.

Stephen Beckham
03-28-2008, 1:34 PM

Best work - well - that's unfair - the hardest judge of any project should be yourself. With that in mind, nothing I've done was perfect. I always pull it off the laser and first thought is what could I have done to make it better? Second question ties with "Is this what the customer wants?" and "Is the good enough to represent my business going out the door?"

As far as what can you do with the laser? Think in greyscale and imagine. You'll catch yourself looking at every flat surface you pick up and say "I can etch that" and with the size of your deck - you'll be able to think that way about things you can't pick up...:rolleyes:

Do you have a sports store around? Bow's look nice with a name on it. Gun's look nice with initials. Paddles look cool with a fish. Rod's make a nice gift with name on it. Go in to the store and ask if they might be interested in personalized items. Have the owner put up a sign stating "10% off personalization if you bring your receipt to XYZ Etching Company" It get's them in the store to see your product...

Have a cabinet shop or a marble shop around that does Kitchen Countertops? You might be able to do some cutting boards, cheese boards or kitchen cabinet door personalization. Family initials, utensils, or even fruits. Sink cutouts could be personalized and returned to the customer as a gift from the cabinet shop. They usually like to leave something with the customer to remember them when talking to friends/family about getting their house fixed up...

Have a funeral home local (okay that's a dumb question). They always need brass plates or brass plaques. You could also do marble head stones with some limitation.

Go to your local schools and see if they'll let you make some signs for them. I have 12X24 deck and I offer them signs to hang at the stadiums for sponsorship of sports programs. Works well for park benches or stadium seats.

Just don't forget to have fun and treat the customer well and they'll tell more people than you can probably do work for. Remember - do a customer right and they'll tell a friend or two; do a customer wrong and they'll tell everybody!

Take a different approach than that expected from your generation. Most people stereotype you guys as rude-want-it-alls. Impressing them with your art and computer skills will be lost with answers like "yea" and "huh." Wow them with a "He sure was a nice young man..." approach and they'll also remember "and he sure can work that laser..."

Jerry Hay
03-28-2008, 7:04 PM
I am a hard judge of my work. I see nothing but flaws when everyone sees something great. no matter how much they say it is good I think it can and should be better. here are a few samples of what I have been told are good.