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Mike Bones11
03-26-2008, 1:40 PM
I am Junior Technology Education major at Central Connecticut State University and I am enrolled in our programs senior design capstone course. The requirement for this course is to create project and write a research paper discussing an area that we have chosen to study. I have decided to research and discuss the advantages vs. disadvantages of traditional woodworking practice compared to that of woodworking using CNC machining and programming to the student and the learning experience.

I would like to focus my research on the construction of a mission style end table that I will construct using traditional methods as well as another using only the CNC method. I would appreciate any impute into the pros and cons of either method, for example the benefit of teaching the use of hand and power tools in the traditional method or the knowledge of learning CNC code and CNC machine operation.

Further more if you are aware of any information regarding this subject it would be much appreciated if you could let me know about it. I am trying to remain objective in this research but I am finding it difficult due to the fact that I am pursuing a Technology Education degree to teach a traditional wood shop, but I understand that CNC is the way of the future and will eventually have a place in our classrooms.

I can be reached directly at bonomia@ccsu.edu and will be checking back here regularly, thank you for any help you might provide.

Kenneth Hertzog
03-26-2008, 1:47 PM

Not sure I can answer your questions but here goes.
I don't think one will ever replace the other.
Both are a great tool and one must know how to do construction
before he can get a machine to do it for him. :rolleyes:

just my opinion