View Full Version : a couple of different projects.

Steve knight
03-21-2008, 1:28 AM
you can't get much different then these two though they are for the same customer.
this is my first case and of course out of solid 1/4" thick padouk. it did not turn out too bad though not all the miter joints are perfect. the corners are a bit small and don't cover the joints like a larger case corner would.
the good thing about this is it can be fast to build. that is after I get the hang of it (G) it's mitering all the metal that takes some work. plus all the pop rivets over 100 of them and I tired to make it with minimum amounts. going to have to invest in a Hydraulic gun for this job.
the case is 14"x8"x8" inside with a nice leather handle.

these are wooden replacement cups for headphones. this was a bear to work it all out the sides are pretty thin. purpleheart is not the best wood for this but these are prototypes and it was all I had left.
these were made on my cnc router.