View Full Version : Sublimation and Holiday Inn Express!

Stephen Beckham
03-18-2008, 8:36 AM
Well, this Forum originally included Sublimation questions and problems. To bring it back to the surface again - I figured I'd gloat a bit about a recent job.

I've played with graphics and logos - here's the second job for this fella and his beautiful work with fireplaces. The first was smaller and less detailed photo - GIGO....

This one has got me wanting to make one for myself to show what I can do. I spent about an hour on the photo during downtime (he didn't want them for a couple more weeks - isn't refreshing to hear of customers that fore-plan!)

Well - he'll be please and so am I... Good thing I spent the night at Holiday Inn Express to figure this thingy out!

Take care and happy days!


Mike Null
03-19-2008, 6:17 AM

Very nice work.