View Full Version : Electricity is on - for now...

Bryan Berguson
03-08-2008, 8:06 PM
We had about 1/4" of ice on everything earlier in the week but it warmed up and it came off the utility lines. Today we got about 3/8" on everything and the lights have been blinking and finally went off about 6:30pm for about 1.5 hours. Luckily, we have a BAG (big a$$ generator) so we had electric but the BAG uses 4-6 gallons of propane per hour so it's anything but cheap to run. :o Lights are blinking again now...

Wind is supposed to pick up to 40mph tonight. Things could get pretty bad.


Bryan Rocker
03-08-2008, 9:26 PM
You have it easy, Friday morning the ground was clear, tonight we have around 12" of snow on the ground......:)

Bryan Berguson
03-08-2008, 9:41 PM
You have it easy, Friday morning the ground was clear, tonight we have around 12" of snow on the ground......:)

Actually, I'd rather have the snow then ice. Ice means more power outages and tree damage - very expensive for the electric companies. :( We only have about 1-2 inches on the ground but it's mostly ice. Of course, 12 inches of snow would be expensive for me personally. I'd have to get my driveway plowed and that cost about $75 every time it happens. The price I pay for living in the country I guess...:rolleyes:

Lights have blinked ALOT over the past couple of hours but we haven't lost power again yet.


Jeffrey Makiel
03-09-2008, 4:37 PM
The mess by you has made its way east to me. It was very warm and very, very windy yesterday. A tree fell down about a block away and took out my power at 7:30pm last night (Saturday). We finally had the power restored around 4:00pm today (Sunday).

I need to reconsider a generator. I only need a couple of circuits for crucial stuff like the sump pump, hot water heating circ pump, refrig and my beloved marine aquarium. I think small portable 2kv generator will do and some extension cords.

-Jeff :)

Bryan Berguson
03-09-2008, 4:48 PM

After the initial outage all we had were some blinks so we were lucky. Others weren't, one of our line crews stopped at the house this morning just to check on things and they had been working all night.

The Honda generators are as quiet as they say. We were at a picnic last summer and the owners were running one behind the small camp for the lights. You couldn't it tell it was running. Sweet little machine.

Ours on the other hand, has a 3.9 liter v6 powering a 42kw generator and even though it's about 200ft away behind our garage, you still know when it's running!


David G Baker
03-09-2008, 9:59 PM
I have the 6500W Honda and I haven't had to use it yet but everything is wired and ready. Mine is the semi-portable alternator model that I can run a computer with if I choose to. I run it for around 20 minutes a month to keep it charged and to check to make sure it is still functioning correctly. I run it on the pad in front of my garage and it is so quiet it can't be heard in the house.
I have it wired to power my freezer, refrigerator, well, natural gas heater, a couple of lights and a few plugs.
We have been lucky the past week or so here in Mid Michigan, all of the big storms have been South of us.