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John Stephens
03-03-2008, 2:06 PM
I am working on jobs with artwork that has several different grayscales.
I have been having a difficult time getting all of the grayscales to burn enough to show while not becoming too dark in some areas. Anyway, I
finally got a version using the "contast enhancement" drop down menu to produce the desired effect. However, when I open the same file in Corel X3 on another pc with excatly the same contrast settings, via my network, the shades are completely differerent and I cannot get them to adjust to anywhere near the shades of acheived on the original pc.
The second pc is the one that I use to print to the laser. I cannot find squat about it throught the Corel help files. There must be default settings somewhere which are different on the 2 pc's. I find the color adjustment "slider" very frustrating. It seems to save you last settings and reset all images on the page at the same time. You can set the contrast enhancement at 253 one time and apply it again later and it
changes the image to a completely different shade. Can someone direct me to a reference source for figuring this out? It is truly frustrating.

Thank you,

James Stokes
03-03-2008, 2:50 PM
On every PC you use your monitor will be calibrated a little differant. It will not look the same unless they are calibrated the same. The best way to do it is set the gray scales numerically.