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02-13-2003, 12:59 PM
Hi all,

Is there any way to make the forums display in the "threaded" listing style that some other boards (like the Pond) use? I find it much faster to browse boards without having to click into every thread to see all it's post headings then click back out to the forum listing.

That's one of things that kept me coming back to the Pond over other boards and one of the main reasons I felt part of that community even though I was mostly just lurking. In the past couple of months, I've probably read 90+% of the subject lines on ALL posts and usually felt like I knew what people were spending their time discussing. Of course I only actually read a small fraction of those posts. In this format, I'll never even see all those posts.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!!

Jackie Outten
02-13-2003, 3:02 PM

When you log in again, look over to the top right hand part of your screen underneath where it says welcome back Tim and you should see a link that says view new posts. That way you won't have to go through all the forums if you don't want to. This way you can see only the posts that have been added since you were last logged in.

Chuck Gramling
02-13-2003, 5:35 PM
A lot of great work has been done here, and the new listings button helps, but I suspect that a lot of people have become very conditioned to the Pond style message index.

For what it is worth, I know that I am dependent on it myself - it is more efficient for those of us who are hardcore lurkers. As an example, I have found WC much more platable now that they have added the pond stye message listing.

Its not mean to be a complaint - there is nice functionality here too, but people might gravitate here if it looked a bit more like what they are used to.


Keith Outten
02-13-2003, 6:54 PM
I did consider the basic look and functionality of this software as measured against WebBBS, the software that the Pond uses. I also knew that some people whould not be overjoyed with the new format we selected. I did however feel that if people gave vBulletin a chance they would warm up to the software and come to enjoy the new features. I believe that vBulletin is much more powerful and the clean look is easy on the eye.

Up front WebBBS would have been the smart choice, but looking down the road vBullitin being database driven will prove to be the right decision. When this board hosts millions of posts and thousands of members a database system will be more eficient, faster and capable of being upgraded. Waynes problem with finding someone to host the Pond was I believe near impossible due to the way the WebBBS worked (html on the fly) and the very old code in the program. Remember you can't back up when you have years of posts and hundreds of thousands of pictures...you do want to post pictures don't you, in real time with no waiting!

In spite of the window dressing and the techie stuff, it is the people that matter, the quality of the posts and the community that exists. I think that these are the primary things that matter when selecting a good board.

I also have a pet peeve concerning advertising, I get blasted via email, on television, phone telemarketers.....Is there one place where I can go and not have ads in my face or feel pressured to buy something. Watch the screens here and see how many advertising graphics you ever see.

If I chose the wrong software it will be the second major mistake I made this week at "The Creek" :) The feedback I have received so far is that 90% of the people like vBulletin and thats a very high percentage.

Give it a few months, I think everyone will adjust and find vBulletin to be the best choice. If I'm wrong I'll be here all alone!

Thanks for your comments, its good for me to rethink decisions to see if I"m still passionate about them.

Jim DeLaney
02-13-2003, 9:16 PM
I guess I'm among the 10% that doesn't like it then.

I don't like the idea of having to scroll through a bunch of previously read replies to get to the new ones.

I recall using BBS software like this back in the eighties... didn't much care for it then, either, and age certainly hasn't improved it. The software Wayne was using wasn't perfect, but it was better - more practical - than this, IMO.

Is Ellis using the same software as Wayne, or what? The overall look is similar, and I find his board much easier to use than this one.

<Center><FONT FACE="Comic Sans MS" COLOR="Blue">Of course, that's just my opinion... I could be wrong.

Jim D.</FONT></Center>
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02-13-2003, 9:17 PM
Thanks Keith. You're right - it is most definitely the people over anything else that will make the place comfortable. I wasn't trying to knock your choice. I just thought the interface might be configurable in some way that wasn't obvious to me. I'm sure I'll find some efficient browsing "technique" that works for me. Being involved on the periphery of techie things at my job, I agree that the robustness of the technology is a critical factor.

Given your generous efforts, I don't think you could possibly have made ANY big mistakes at this point (no matter how many posts from a day or two of operation were lost)! I'm shocked that this place even exists today - how many days ago was it I saw your first post on the Pond about this? Really amazing and selfless efforts on your part.

Lincoln Myers
02-13-2003, 10:04 PM
I really think this forum will be great. It seems to have great and committed people running it. I agree somewhat with what others have said regarding the format. I do like The Pond's layout and have, like others, grown accustomed to it over the past few years.

That being said, this new format has its' own strengths and I'm sure myself and others using this forum will 'get used' to them soon enough. In fact, we may even grow to prefer certain features here to those of The Pond :eek:. I am getting a little sadder as the day draws closer to not being able to go to The Pond at all, but am also excited at what will grow here.

Thanks again to Keith et al for all your effort to make this board a reality.

Ken Salisbury
02-14-2003, 6:56 AM
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it the <font color="#FF0000">first time</font>.&nbsp; At least ride it around
the corral for a few times - <font color="#FF0000">you might like it.&nbsp;
</font>I intend to give this forum a fair shot before I make the decision as to
which forum I will call home.</font></p>
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Keith Outten
02-14-2003, 7:23 AM
I also like the Pond format, and WC uses the same sotware but they have added frames.

In time I hope that Aaron can create a custom interface to the database which you could select from a menu, this way we could have a custom browsing screen for those who prefer a listing type of interface. It will take awhile for us to make these type of modifications.

Kurt Krauter in Indy
02-14-2003, 8:16 AM
Good morning, Keith.

I don't think you have anything to be worried about. I am absolutely overjoyed with the format of this new site. It may be a little new but it is user friendly and navigating is intuitive and opens new aspects that are really cool (my personal favorite is being able to see who is online at the time...way cool!!).

You've done a great job and I am excited to see this place grow!!Keep up the good work, you will be blessed by the things you do for others!!

Have a great day!

02-14-2003, 9:21 AM
I've already started getting used to using the "new posts" feature that Jackie mentioned above. It's a great feature and may actually make browsing even more efficient than the Pond style format. If you haven't tried it, give it a shot - I think you'll be surprised how convenient it is.

Thanks again Keith, Jackie and the rest of your team!

D.McDonnel "Mac"
02-14-2003, 10:42 AM
Yes the "new Listings" feature does make things more efficient. Color did that on the Pond format . I think I'll get used to it this way. The thing I that really seems to be awkward is the way all answers que up behind the original thread. A response to a response is less intuitive to look at than when it broke down into "sub-threads". There used to be some interesting sub threads that were easy to follow the other way. New house, New decorations, same nice people!


Aaron Koehl
02-14-2003, 3:54 PM
Hey all!

<b>I'm working on a Badger Pond style interface to facilitate 'lurking'.</b>

In regards to some previous posts I am currently working on a method to transparently overlay a threaded viewing format. Give me a few days, and I should have the testing finished.

The database and host this board is using is extremely fast and reliable, and I'm very happy with it. I'm not limited by what the programmers of this board wrote-- it's highly customizable, and given a little feedback, I should be able to arrive at a happy medium for everyone.

In addition, I've been tweaking the code little by little. If you have any other feature requests, I am more than willing to stretch a long way in order to keep everyone happy.

- Aaron

D.McDonnel "Mac"
02-14-2003, 9:52 PM
You are knocking yourself out for a bunch of old set in their ways woodworkers! But GOOD for you! We appreciate it when someone does good work and you obviously have Keith's confidence.

Do you do any woodworking or is all this just so much nonsense to you?

Thanks again,

Ted Shrader
02-14-2003, 10:56 PM
All -

This new format has a bunch of new features. We all discover something else each time we log on.

However, (you knew there was a BUT in here didn't you) the sub-threads give the unique flavor to Badger Pond. Those side topics really tell about the personalities, activities, and sense of humor of the participants. All part of the "people make the community" thing.

I know you sysop and SA folks are working hard at a new tasking and appreciate all the hard work and extra hours involved. So, keep up the good work! If you get to a sub-thread feature, great. If not, we'll still work with it.


Keith Outten
02-15-2003, 7:25 PM

I hope you have had the time to try the new thread listing menu that Aaron made for us last night. It is a little different from the one on the Pond but very nice work on Aaron's part. If you haven't tried it here is the link

SawMill Creek Thread Listing (http://www.sawmillcreek.org/thread/)

Let us know what you think as Aaron is still working on the new listing, comments would be appreciated.


Ted Shrader
02-15-2003, 7:39 PM
Keith -

Is there a way to list the replies to the replies (i.e. subthreads) to make the conversation a liitle easier to follow? Using the "quote" feature helps identify the person to whom the response was directed. Having the response under the correct post vice the whole thread string would be easier.

Other thoughts:
1. Do spell checkers cost anything? My pathetic fat fingers hit so many extra keys it isn't even funny.
2. Is it possible to have the "e-mail notification after a response to a post" default to OFF? I frequently forget to uncheck it and get e-mail that goes straight to the trash. If one specifically desires an e-mail notification about a response to a question, it would be a good feature - otherwise a waste of bandwidth.

Keep up all the good work!


Jim Iwanicki
02-16-2003, 12:02 PM
Think this site is great. Just got used to lurking on the pond and asking an occasional question. This forum looks like it's well on the way to success. Kudos to Kieth and his crew for getting this up and trying to accomidate everyones prefrences. I'm happy youz folks are here.