View Full Version : A way to do curved glass??

Jason Smalling
02-24-2008, 3:44 AM
Hello, does anyone know how to laser engrave curved glass? The glass I am trying to engrave has a 6 inch radius, and the rotary attachment for my pinnacle M only accepts up to 3 inch radius. Does anyone know how to make an attachment, or another way of engraving this glass. It is a photo display stand, not a drinking glass. Just so everyone is on the same page. It has chord length of 9 inches, and a middle point height of 1.875. The arc length is 10 inches. If anyone knows how to make a setup, or laser engrave this, I would greatly appreciate any tips or info. Thanks!!

Craig Hogarth
02-24-2008, 4:33 AM
are you talking about the glass crescents? I've done these by stacking pen cases up high enough to lay the frame on top and get a fairly flat surface good enough to reverse engrave on. My biggest problem has been getting a good even placement and I found the set up to be too time consuming to continue selling them.

that's one like this.


Jason Smalling
02-24-2008, 6:04 AM
Hey Craig,
that is exactly what I was talking about. I think i see what you are saying. stack one side up, so that it is closer to being flat. So what you would have to do is do half at a time, if you wanted to do the whole thing. Am I correct? That is a pretty good idea. You said that you stopped selling them, where can I purchase these in bulk? They are a good seller in my shop. Thanks again!

Craig Hogarth
02-24-2008, 6:51 AM
they're reasonably priced at www.jdsindustries.com. I don't have a catalog on me at the moment but if someone doesn't post it by tomorrow, I'll give you pricing when i get to my store. If memory serves, i think they're only 4 or 5 bucks max.

Craig Hogarth
02-24-2008, 6:03 PM
7x10 crescent, holds 3.5x5 pic, $4.95 each in cases of 18
10x12 cresent, holds 5x7, $7.75 each in cases of 9
5.5x12 cresent, holds 3.5x5 pic, $5.10 each in cases of 14
7.5x13 cresent, holds 5x7 pic, $7.75 each in cases of 10.

Prices about $2 higher if ordered less than case. I thought they were a little cheaper :o