View Full Version : Brady Watson's 72" Diameter Brass Medalion

Keith Outten
02-23-2008, 9:18 AM
Yesterday Brady Watson delivered the 72" diameter brass medallion he machined for Christopher Newport University. The medallion will be placed in our New Library as a center piece in the marble floor of the rotunda area.

The naval brass was half inch thick and the text and graphics were machined on Brady's ShopBot to about a quarter inch deep then filled with a special epoxy. The epoxy had to go through a preheat and post heat process to facilitate curing and hardening. The medallion received a satin finish and top coat of polyurethane. I can't remember which router bits Brady used but they were titanium coated and it took more than a handful to complete the machining.

The first picture is unloading. Brady is in the center of the picture with the camera with his lovely lady Megan on the left. Tradesmen from W.M. Jordan Company provided the muscle to move the two segments into the Library.

The second and third pictures are of the segments in a temporary storage location, it will be about two weeks before our flooring sub-contractor installs the ring and finishes the marble floor.

The forth picture is Brady (on the left) and yours truly standing in the rotunda area of the Library where the medallion will be installed. We have a temporary filler in the centerpiece now and are waiting for the remaining pieces of marble to be delivered.

It was a real pleasure to work with Brady on this project. My job was just coordinating a very small part of the medallion project and providing the graphics and drawings to Brady for production.

I would like to think that Brady would jump in here and provide some details but after we had lunch in the Student Union he was back on the road heading for his next job in Long Island....who knows where he will go from there :)

I will provide pictures of the medallion installed in a couple of weeks.


Ted Calver
02-23-2008, 11:34 AM
Doesn't Trible have 2 b's in it?? Just kidding !! Good job Brady and nice design. This is very cool. It looks like the existing medallion has brass dividers between the segments that will tie in nicely.