View Full Version : cribbage boards

Lori Mollitor
02-22-2008, 3:53 PM
Where can you buy some really nice cribbage boards to engrave on?

Craig Hogarth
02-22-2008, 4:02 PM
www.coloradoheirloom.com has a really good one. A bit pricey but they are really nice.

Todd Schwartz
02-22-2008, 6:01 PM
Also Laserbits. laserbits.com


Craig Hogarth
02-22-2008, 7:12 PM
The laserbits ones are a hard sell though. I retail my boards for just a few more bucks than they sell theirs for. However, they are very attractive.

Shaddy Dedmore
02-22-2008, 10:17 PM
the tough route would be to make one, but, as having done one myself I'd advise getting someone else to make one for you.

I made a template from acrylic then used a self centering drillbit (got it from rockler) to drill the holes. the one I made was for my nephew, forgive the picture (c:

(PS, the holes are on one layer, the engraving on the other)


Maybe have someone with a CNC do it.


Neal Schlee
02-23-2008, 1:58 PM
We've made crib boards & crib cases for years. On most of ours we laser the peg holes, we use a .125" dia. hole with a 1 point outline, raster the holes and whatever design you're using. We raster fairly deep as we're using 120 watt systems. Then using a small drill press and a .125" bit you can easily drill the holes, use a light touch and the drill bit will self center itself as you start the hole. We laser and drill the raw wood then finish but it will also work on finished product. After doing a few the hole drilling goes relatively fast.