View Full Version : Blast gun question

Gregg Vaughn
02-04-2008, 4:47 PM
I recently added a sandblasting cabinet to my studio and I'm wallowing around with the learning curve. I have Clarke cabinet and a Clarke pressure blaster. My pressure blaster has what I believe is called a dead mans gun on it. It works OK, but its a little bulky to move around. A gun style gun would seemingly be mush easier to use (I'm blasting glass ware).
The cabinet and blaster I have are light industrial type equipment, not ones marketed for doing the type of blasting I do, but they work well. I expected a bit of a mess, but the cabinet is tight and there is no apparent blow out.

The long away around to my question, but is there a gun type gun that will work with a pressure blaster?

James Stokes
02-04-2008, 5:01 PM
You could use a Pab gun. I have one and highly recomend them.