View Full Version : installing Hot Dawg garage heater - help required

Andrew Thuswaldner
02-02-2008, 7:26 AM
I hope you can help me out with some advice. I live in Canada and purchased a Modine Hot Dawg heater (HDS45) for my garage. I ordered it from the US. When my HVAC friend came over and had a look at the unit he was stumped as to how to vent it properly. The metal fittings on the back of the unit for attaching the vent pipe was about 3 1/8" diameter, too big for 636 3" pipe that is the new Canadian standard for venting. The manual is a bit unclear but according to my HVAC friend they are specifying metal pipe which (he says) is not to code in Canada. The unit is CSA approved. I would like to vent out the side of my garage for simplicity and the manual indicates this is one of the ways the unit can be vented. The unit has an exhaust fan.
I think what I need is just a coupling that will allow me to connect 636 pipe to the fittings on the Modine. If I can find a solution for that I think I should be ok. Are you aware if such couplings exists and what it is called?


David G Baker
02-02-2008, 10:03 AM
My 75,000 BTU Modine Hot Dawg is vented straight out the back and through the wall. It has the special tube within a tube designed for heater venting through walls and has a rain cap on the end of the tube. My unit was installed by a local heating and air conditioning company and is up to code. I do not know what the coupling is called but you can call Modine for the information you need if someone on SMC can't come up with the information.

Heather Thompson
02-02-2008, 11:36 AM
I just checked on the Modine website and they have a dealer locator that covers Canada, there is a dealer located in Ottawa, don't know if I can post their info here so I will PM it to you.