View Full Version : Arcylic or Crystal Heart

Ed Maloney
01-30-2008, 3:08 PM
Any idea of a supplier for this or something similar?

Joe Pelonio
01-30-2008, 3:28 PM
I found several in the Huang Acrylic Catalog, plus many other cool shapes


Ed Maloney
01-30-2008, 3:43 PM
Thanks Joe that may do it. I assume these are cast?

Joe Pelonio
01-30-2008, 3:56 PM
Thanks Joe that may do it. I assume these are cast?
I'd assume so too (it doesn't say)

Ed Maloney
01-30-2008, 4:01 PM
While I'm at it. Any idea for this one?

Gary Shoemake
01-30-2008, 4:25 PM
they are optical crystal. A group that I belong to uses them to fuse color photos to them and also engrave them. Send me a Pm and I can give you more particulars PS give me a phone # and I'll give you a call.

Frank Corker
01-30-2008, 5:28 PM
I made my own. This is 20mm thick acrylic (just over 3/4").
Picture 1 is the acrylic block
Picture 2 is the acrylic block side on
Picture 3 is the raw cut with the laser (roughish to the touch) in heart shape
Picture 4 another of the same
Picture 5 shows a closer view of the edge

Frank Corker
01-30-2008, 5:34 PM
Picture 6 - the edge has been smoothed down, wet and dry and then flame polished
Picture 7 another view
Picture 8 9 and 19 are another option. I wanted to see how far I could go with the shape, so I ground the edges of another one, rounded them (very nice touchy feely touch to it) and flame polished again
Picture 9 is the 4 in original stages

Frank Corker
01-30-2008, 5:35 PM
Sorry numbering got a bit mixed up but you can see what I mean!

James Jaragosky
01-30-2008, 8:30 PM
what power laser did you use. and did it take more than one pass?
My rabbit makes nice cuts in 1/4' stock but it takes two passes.

Frank Corker
01-30-2008, 8:47 PM
45 watt and one pass

James Jaragosky
01-30-2008, 9:20 PM
45 watt and one pass
DUH: I could have just read your sig for the laser wattage. my mind is slipping. Sorry for some reason I thought you had more than one machine.
Maybe looking into your future!
ya thats it, Jim the laser clairvoyant :rolleyes:
Thanks again Frank.

Mike DeRegnaucourt
01-30-2008, 9:44 PM
Excellent job Frank!

What settings did you use (speed & ppi)? I would assume at 3/4" thickness you definitely had to use 100% power. I have an EXT 60-watt but have not tried cutting 3/4" acrylic yet.

What grits of sandpaper did you use to achieve your results? When it comes to flame polishing, do you use a small propane torch? I've never tried flame polishing and I'm not exactly sure how to do it.

Frank Corker
01-30-2008, 10:06 PM
I used 100 power at 1 speed, but the weird thing is I managed to get the same cut at 85 power so I can't quite figure that one out. I also got a cleaner cut using 1000 on the frequency and it was better than 5000, another anomally. By all accounts my machine is running hot so yours should easily slice it. Cutting at 2 it was a couple of mm out for a clean cut.

I use a small mapps torchand gas, it's fun trying to get the edge smooth without setting it on fire and believe me, it's a fine line!

Mike DeRegnaucourt
01-30-2008, 10:12 PM
Thanks Frank. I'll give it a try just as soon as I get me some 3/4 acrylic. It' would be nice if we could get such a smooth finish straight off the laser without having to go through the extra steps.

Bob Cole
01-31-2008, 1:50 AM
Frank, you need to give lessons. For those of us who are less than able would be nice to learn those techniques from a pro.

Maybe you can video and youtube it :D

Frank Corker
01-31-2008, 7:36 AM
Why doesn't someone invite me over there for two weeks and I'll show them hands on :rolleyes:

Jim Dornon
01-31-2008, 8:34 AM
James, My machine cuts 1/4" with 60p and 10s very nice. I see Franks thumb.

Bill Cunningham
01-31-2008, 9:25 PM
Mapp gas is pretty hot Frank.. Hotter than propane.. A Butane torch has a cooler flame, and rarely sets fire to the piece.. You can almost follow the clear wave with the flame..

Steve McKee
02-01-2008, 10:10 AM
Frank, how do you grind the edges of acrylic? I never knew that was possible. I had heard about, though never tried, flame polishing just never heard of grinding it.


Frank Corker
02-01-2008, 7:25 PM
Steve, just grind it with whatever, it's a lot more useable then people give it credit for. I usually use small grinding wheels that are in the Dremel kit I have, works well enough. Can't do that or don't have a dremel? Then use a router! Look at these three pieces and tell me that's not cool!

James Rambo
02-02-2008, 10:24 AM
Frank, they look GREAT. You obviously have too much left-over time to be able to do this type of work. Are the day over there longer than they are here in the states, or what? I have tried some of the corian scrap that I get from a freind on the router and it works teriffic.

Tim Bateson
02-03-2008, 12:12 AM
Great work Frank! Sounds like a lot of time and elbow grease. Hats off to you Frank.

Steve McKee
02-03-2008, 6:54 PM
Cool indeed Frank. Now that I know this can be done my minds a-spinning with ideas.