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Jack Harper
01-28-2008, 7:41 PM
Has anyone ever used FlatLite from www.e-lite.com? I am looking for a very thin flat light source to light a glass tile sign I lazed. I do not want to edge light as the light would not be even throughout.

Dan Hintz
01-28-2008, 9:22 PM
As long as you can hide the edge for the wires, Electro-luminescent lighting is pretty good stuff. It won't handle UV too well, though, and the lifetime at full brightness is not nearly that of LEDs, so it will have an effect on your application.

Mike Chance in Iowa
01-28-2008, 9:39 PM
I think this is what is used to make Auroralites lighted collars for Police and SAR K9's. If so, the lights are fantastic. They provide a nice, even source of light.

I can't speak much about indoor experience, but several friends and myself have been using the lighted collars outdoors daily for over 10 years on our working dogs. None of us have had a light fail, other then a dead battery. The lights are easy to spot even from great distances.

While the small 1" strips are not bright enough to use as a flashlight, in a bind, you can use it to provide just enough glow to walk around in pitch dark. Somewhat similar to a LED light.