View Full Version : Dog Gone...Almost!

Fred Haydon
01-28-2008, 4:00 PM
Saturday morning LOML took the dog and our 4 year old for a walk around the block. We live in a rural community, in very close proximity to the Huron River and a state owned recreation area, so a walk around the block can take awhile.

LOML was back within ten minutes telling me that the dog had gone in the river. This isn't an uncommon event in the summer as she is part Black Lab. But with all the goofy weather we've been having the river is high and moving fast. And the recent deep freeze as put about 20' of ice along the shoreline.

Having worked as a Vol. Firefighter for the past few years, I am well aware of the dangers involved with trying to save an animal from a partially frozen body of water. Luckily, we went back to the river via a neighbor's backyard, (downstream from where the dog had gone in) and they had a canoe leaning up against a tree. I put my LOML in the canoe (she's easily half my size) and pushed out to the edge of the ice. She was able to grab the dog as it floated by and pulled it up onto the ice. The dog wasn't any worse for the dip as she just shook off the water and trotted up on shore to play with our 4 y.o. as if nothing happened. Pulled the wife and canoe back to shore, put the canoe away and went home.

As we were tiredly walking back across our field to the house, I was fortunate enough to be able to squeeze my wife's hand while watching the dog and our daughter playing together. Someone was certainly watching over that morning.


Jim O'Dell
01-28-2008, 4:32 PM
Glad to hear the great outcome! Could have been much worse. Might be time for a long web line for the dog to drag...a long leash if you will.
Give the dog a hug for me! Jim.

Lee Koepke
01-28-2008, 4:33 PM

I am glad things worked out. If human beings only had the memory span or their outlook on life of a good dog ....