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James Rambo
01-21-2008, 12:52 PM
HELP I am having a problem between CorelDraw11 page size/orientation and my laser page size/orientation. When I open cd11 my page size is 32" x 20" (my laser bed size). If I draw anything that is close to that size or many objects that take up most of the bed width (I'm not sure of the height yet) and then try to print the page, the printed page is too large for the laser to print on the bed. Can someone try to send me in the correct dirtection for me to straighten this out. I have looked at the page in CorelDraw11. (It is the correct size 32" x 20"). I also looked at the printer page size it is correct (32" x 20"). I can't seem to find out why they are different when I print to the laser.

Rob Bosworth
01-21-2008, 1:18 PM
James, one of the things of an Epilog system is their being touchy about borders. When I try to set the rulers on the table of an Epilog, I have problems getting the system to run anything closer than 1" of the border. If I send a vector line closer than 1" from the top of the page or on the left hand border, I get the issue warning on the print screen of medium does not fit page size. Although, I do not usually have any problems engraving up to the edge when testing the machine.

You also have to be aware of how large a bitmap is when you import them into a file. The actual bitmap might fit on the page when positioned, but it will have "space" that will be larger than the actual bitmap.

James Rambo
01-21-2008, 1:30 PM
The problem is not a bitmap this time. It is only a vector circle and some vector outline words within the circle. I have to make 75 of them and I am trying to use all the sheet of plywood. As I duplicate them across the page if I start about .004" from the left side I am ok but if I get within .25" of the right side I get a does not fit to page warning if I go to print preview it show it off the page. If I ignore the preveiw and print to the laser it does not know what to do with the file and cuts in different areas of the page. I have to finish the project today so I will edit the page to be waay from the edge enough to work. But I would sure like to know what I changed to be able to get back to what I had when I installed cd11.